Party people

Create head-turning party looks with Tangle Teezer’s hairbrushes and add some Christmas pizzazz with the new Silver Sparkle detangling hairbrush collection. With patented two-tiered teeth that detangle from root to tips, the Original detangling hairbrush and The Wet Detangler have been reimagined with a sprinkle of glitter, designed to add a touch of glamour to your routine with their dazzling finishes.

The full Tangle Teezer hairbrush range will help you give clients incredible party looks for a big night out this festive season. This textured half-up, half-down style is the perfect way to glam up those who want height and volume with a bit of an edge. The height can be adjusted to suit your client, allowing them to wear the look with confidence.



Step one

First, detangle wet hair with The Wet Detangler detangling hairbrush. The unique two-tiered teeth effortlessly glide through the hair, removing knots and tangles without pulling or tugging.

Step two

Blow-dry the hair in sections using the Blow-Styling Round Tool. Rotate the hairbrush in a curling motion, allowing the hair to bevel around the barrel. Wrap and pin each section to set the curl and leave to cool.

Step three

Release the curls and gently brush through with The Ultimate Finishing hairbrush to define movement, add shine and style the hair.

Step four

Take a triangular section at the top of the head, then create a small rectangular section underneath and place a hidden braid. This will form a base to pin the side and top sections into.

Step five

Using the Back-Combing hairbrush, back-comb the side panels and pin into the braid to secure. Then back-comb the top section of the hair to create volume.

Step six

Once you’ve achieved the desired volume, pin the hair in place to secure the shape. Detail the look to personalise, and add an accessory at the back to finish.


Shine on with the new Silver Sparkle collection.
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