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Want more colour clients? Make allergy testing easy and convenient for every colour customer with Colourstart

You’ve heard the horror stories in the tabloids, and seen the teary videos on Instagram. Post-Covid, there have been growing reports in the media of clients experiencing increased reactions to PPD in hair colour. More than ever, it’s vital to allergy test clients to keep your business covered. Yet the flurry of increased testing has left many salons struggling to keep up-to-date with changes to records, and losing potential clients who don’t want the hassle of visiting the salon for that all-important test. It’s time to reassess how you test!

Enter Colourstart, a system that streamlines and simplifies crucial allergy screening. It’s an approach that’s been snapped up by the likes of Toni&Guy, Trevor Sorbie, Charlie Miller Hairdressing and Rainbow Room International. It’s also been a huge boon for independents looking for an insured, professional, and efficient approach. Using Colourstart illustrates to your guests that you take their safety seriously. Forget having to arrange for clients to pop into the salon for a blob of colour. With Colourstart your clients can conduct allergy tests whenever and wherever’s convenient for them. There’s no need to visit a salon; just pop a Colourstart with a how-to guide in the post!

Clients expect us to use the highest quality products in all our salons. A special visit for a blob of hair colour is so inconvenient compared with a clinically proven home test.Daniel Galvin OBE, Daniel Galvin, London
Colourstart is licensed by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency as the only clinically proven way to screen for allergies to PPD. You sell Colourstart to clients to apply themselves.They have the option of completing an offline certificate of use or can add their results to a digital Colourstart Passport. This is a free-to-use web app that helps simplify your colour business. Once your client’s negative test result is logged you are free to create their dream look, safe in the knowledge you’re insured, as Colourstart comes with its own Product Liability cover.

At legendary colour salon Daniel Galvin, Colourstart chimes with its reputation for first-class service, and it also makes business sense. “Colourstart is the highest-quality product in the market to screen our clients for allergy, and it comes with its own product liability insurance,” explains Stephen Nurse, the salon group’s operations director. So, let clients patch test simply and easily whenever, wherever by offering them Colourstart.

A Colourstart colour allergy test patch placed on an arm
I created a script for my reception team to use when they called clients to tell them about Colourstart. We give a simple explanation of the process, explain there’s a small cost, and give them the option of continuing with the blob test if they’d prefer. Some of our guests live a long way from the salon, so getting them to visit just for a test can be a challenge. The convenience and quality of Colourstart means price isn’t an issue and after about two or three visits, when they realise they only need to answer a few questions on the app, they just get it. So far, about 75 per cent of customers choose Colourstart. Being able to demonstrate clearly that we take client safety seriously is a big added value for usChris Connors, Coco’s Style, West Sussex



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