Pop that cap; it’s playtime

Now more than ever, clients are open to experimenting with colour, giving colourists the opportunity to play with a broad spectrum of shades.

Thanks to the trusted, versatile and expansive Majirel line from L’Oréal Professionnel, colourists can not only enjoy creative freedom, but feel confident in their ability to produce supremely tailored results.

Here’s how these four cool colourists get creative with Majirel from L’Oréal Professionnel…

I’m passionate about creating a colour for every individual client,” says Taylor Ward of Jo Hansford. “It’s not just about basic tints and highlights.”

Plus, everything is so available now and so instant,” adds Amber Swift from Charlie Miller Salons. “It’s meant people aren’t afraid to express themselves and are less afraid of wearing colour.”

In editorial magazines and at Fashion Week, a lot of designers express themselves in colour,” says Katie Hale, from Charles Worthington. “So I think that reflects a lot in hair trends as well.”

For Angel Montague Sayers from Sally Montague, this new era of colour – and the upcoming February launch of Cool Inforced shades from the Majirel line – brings the opportunity to play with “beautiful, soft palettes” and explore layering different tones. “From fashion to salon, it’s more about exploring the model or client’s personality with colour,” she adds, “And that’s really exciting.”

From crafting subtle shade shifts to multi-tonal transformations, our four cool cover shoot colourists got creative with the entire Majirel line from L’Oréal Professionnel.

Are YOU ready to experience creative colour freedom? Explore the process on set with Majirel from L’Oréal Professionnel…

Using panel colouring for added texture, Katie Hale of Charles Worthington enhanced her model’s pearly rose tone with contrasting depth in her fringe, making the finished look “a bit more bold, with an added pop.”

For Angel Montague Sayers of Sally Montague, the aim was to add more movement throughout the hair by “layering darker tones with lighter tones” over a cool blonde base. “This makes it feel less of a block colour and more of a multi-tonal, dynamic look,” she explains.

Meanwhile, Taylor Ward of Jo Hansford got playful with mocha brown tones, giving her model a “slightly deeper, ashier root with a hint of richness in it.”

Also amping up the colour was Amber Swift of Charlie Miller, who’s goal was to “truly celebrate redheads.” Adding lighter and darker shades to deliver a multi-tonal finish, her bold copper selections were carefully tailored to bring “natural tones out to their best effect.”