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In the third series of The Root of It podcast, produced by Creative HEAD in partnership with Treatwell, editor Amanda Nottage probes a trio of business and creative geniuses on smart moves, memorable moments and making it big

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SERIES THREE: The Editor Asks

Episode three with Sam McKnight, session stylist extraordinaire

A name known by almost every single creative the world over, our final episode in this season of The Root of It podcast features Sam McKnight, who is now in the fifth decade of a spectacular career in hairdressing. With more than 200 Vogue cover credits to his name, his work has featured in countless global publications, runway shows and advertising campaigns – it’s even been exhibited at London’s iconic Somerset House, home to the UK’s largest creative community and visited by millions every year.

Back in the 90s, when ‘the original’ supermodels went stratospheric, Sam was working with them (“I remember Naomi [Campbell] coming in when she was 15, with ribbons in her hair and a school blazer on”, he explains). He was there at the start of ‘the backstage era’ – before fashion shows, shrouded in secrecy, switched from a trade to public event, and when those allowed in had to sketch (rather than photograph) what they saw. And he spent seven unforgettable years as hairstylist to Diana, Princess of Wales. His has been a journey filled with success and wonder – on an epic scale! 

Over 50 glorious minutes, hear the real story behind one of the industry’s most glittering careers in this very special episode of The Root of It podcast with Sam McKnight. From humble beginnings (we’re talking window cleaner to waiter to salon hand) and making a name for himself at incredible speed (he scored his first British Vogue front cover at the age of just 22), to glamorous collaborations, meltdowns with Kate Moss and the “the joy of glorious mistakes” – grab a cuppa, take a seat and savour every last word of this very special chat. 

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