Pssst! We know what the judges want to see from your Wella TrendVision Award entry

This is what the judges expect to see:


Colour work should be beautifully executed and represent upcoming trends in the industry. Think about suitability for your model’s features and synergy with the haircut and shape. The judges will be focusing on colour techniques and finish results.


Think suitability, ensure the shape of the haircut suits your model. It should be well executed, fashionable and beautiful. The haircut must showcase your skills in cutting and consider the synergy where colour has been used to enhance the shape.


Work with the hair texture; consider balance and symmetry when creating your look. The key aim is to ensure the finish of your model’s hair is glossy and beautifully executed. Ensure that the finish is up to the same standard as the cut and remember not to overload the hair with too many products.


The clothes styling, make-up and accessories should complement the overall look. You may have specific ideas, but be open minded to suggestions from the make-up artist too. Brief the make-up artist before a shoot so you all know what you are aiming for. Mood boards can be helpful for briefing. Remember, sometimes less is more – let the hair be the centre piece.


You should select the most experienced and appropriate model for your vision. Consider height and dress size as they may be on stage against a professional model. If choosing a professional model, bear in mind that you may be limited with hair options. The condition of your model’s hair is extremely important to create a beautiful result. You must base your look around the person wearing it. If your model doesn’t like your overall look then this will show in their facial expressions. Your colour work should reflect the model’s skin, eyes, bone structure and face shape. A professional model is not required.


Start creating a mood board as soon as you have seen the trends. You can use the Wella Professionals Trends as your starting point but find photos of anything that inspires you, whether it be hair, make-up, fashion, architecture, nature or cinema. The brand wants to see your personal vision.

And that’s it! You’re now all up to speed and can make a start on creating your best-ever TrendVision Award entry!

Enter online at Remember, the final photographic entry deadline is Friday 24 March (noon)!

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