Pure, undiluted colour fun

For the colour client who wants more pigment, more colour, more vibrancy – it can be difficult to achieve their desired looks without compromising on hair condition.

You know the clients – those who want out-there shades and aren’t willing to slowly work their way through the colour spectrum to get there. For them, you need to break out the big guns.

Staino from evo is a new and intense direct dye, that offers colour satisfaction for up to an impressive 50 washes. Available in 10 fully intermixable shades – as well as a handy clear shade to soften and expand the portfolio even further – you can offer next-level intensity and super-high pigmentation for results that are sharp and ultra-bright. It’s like switching to HD TV!

The staino dyes fade true to tone and come complete with a nourishing conditioner base to help seal the cuticle, reduce frizz and add a veil of shine to finish off the effect. Best of all, staino can be used with evo’s fab pro system! Clients can take home an exact colour match for their hair with an intense colour maintenance conditioner. Happy clients equal happy colourists, and this clever maintenance system helps to build real loyalty.

“The staino colour range from evo is such a great asset to my salon. Every single shade has an amazing scent and is super pigmented, translating to intense, longer-lasting colour for my clients’ hair. This is even the case when diluted with clear base, allowing me to push my creative boundaries knowing the colour won’t be washed out in a few shampoos, and the hair stays fresher for longer.”Jaymz Marsters, The Watt

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