Push YOUR professional difference

In salons across the UK and Ireland, you make the difference. Your passion, your skills, your creativity, your teamwork, your commitment to excellence and your sense of fun… don’t stop now!

The salon professional difference is what it’s all about. It’s years of training being delivered in the form of the very best information for the client, and surrounding them in an environment that nurtures people and makes them feel good about themselves.
– Paul Edmonds, Paul Edmonds, London
It is no longer enough just to deliver great hair, a great cut, colour or finish – our creatives have to wake up and start acting like the experts that they are!  Let’s get specific as to when we need to see our clients back in our chairs, let’s talk treatment plans and seasonal change – what’s the hook to keep your clients loyal to you? Take ownership of your client visits rather than leaving things to chance. And let’s talk the business of hair as educated professionals.
– Gavin Hoare, Salon Manager, Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa
It’s about quality. Think of your best suit or dress, the piece that makes you feel like a million dollars when you wear it. Do you bring it to the dry-cleaner who has the skills and equipment to keep it looking its best or do you fling it in the washing machine and hope for the best? Similarly, why pick a generic box off a shelf when you can have a professional colourist mix a tone just for you? We look at everything from skin tone to day-to-day wearability. That really can’t be fully achieved in your bathroom at home.
– Cathal Walshe, Marbles, Hugh Campbell Hair Group, Ireland
The salon experience is both unique and essential because of the professionalism, the training and the quality that we provide. It’s also about the human contact. For us, it’s about the potential to give something incredible every hour of the day when we’re behind our clients. It’s about creating magical experiences for people.
– Jason & India Miller, Charlie Miller Hairdressing, Scotland
Isn’t it always better to be looked after by a team of experts? Not only do people receive excellent quality of hairdressing in a salon, they will also enjoy the whole experience – from a cappuccino on arrival to a great head massage and the right products to suit them AND they leave the salon looking great and feeling amazing. You just can’t compare that to sitting at home on a kitchen chair washing your hair over the bath!
Sara Holmes, Co-owner, Stuart Holmes, Cheltenham

We are hairdressers. We are L’Oréal Pro.