Quarantine care with Sarah Mason

Every month we’re solving specific colour conundrums with the help of some of Wella Professional’s top guest artists. Sarah Mason of Sarah Mason Professional has her eye on care after quarantine…

“One thing we’ll be facing after the shutdown is a lot more colour corrections as our clients take the task to colour their own hair during the pandemic. Expect to see seriously over-processed hair that has sunk into a subtractive colour presenting black, all of which can be very serious. As I always say: ‘Just because you can’t feel your hair doesn’t mean it’s not hurt!’ At a time like this we need to advise our clients to be kind to their hair and promote hair care, ensuring them an exciting service when we reopen.

As a Wella Professionals Master Colour Expert I love nothing more than a good colour correction. But it’s also vital in our industry to have a really strong knowledge of haircare and how you can navigate the Wella brands to suit both your clients’ needs and their purse. Without the best routine your client will not get the repair they need.

My number one rule as an artist is that in the consultation the key word is ‘history’, especially for a new client. Taking the time to question them about their colour history is vital in how successful your work will be – especially when they have been colouring themselves. Use direct yet open questions, such as ‘what did you use?’ ‘How many times?’ ‘Pointing out shades on a chart, can you show me how many of these shades you think you might have had in the past two years?’ It gives you an indication of what’s hiding underneath. Never compromise the hair – treat it first so it portrays the beauty of your work.”

In your hands

Due to the shutdown, everything has moved to digital platforms – the way we communicate, the way we stay inspired – and Wella Professionals’ eEducation platform uses the latest technology to help educate professional hairdressers in an entirely innovative way. It provides a new, flexible and fun approach to hairdressing education that can be tailored to suit different learning styles and skill levels. It can be accessed via tablet, phone or computer, making it especially suitable for hairdressers who are limited in accessibility due to coronavirus.

eEducation is open to all hairdressers and offers an array of online seminars, tutorials and step-by-steps. The bite-sized sections mean you can stop and start learning as you please, and you can personalise your own learning by accessing exclusive content and tracking your progress. What’s not to love?

Head to education.wella.com for more information

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