Raw punk energy meets new romantic by Carlo Avena

Equal parts rebellious and new romantic, Carlo Avena serves up a futuristic, towering masterpiece for The Coterie: In Session

There was the clash of subcultures for Carlo Avena’s look, merging late punk and new romantic vibes with futurism. After creating an extreme shape base with a coloured, crimped and texturised wig (“I wanted a really overprocessed, chewy texture”) Carlo used the BaByliss PRO CustomFX Skeleton trimmer to cut the fringe in. He then set about creating a fluid, futuristic hair accessory, set using the BaByliss PRO Italia Brava dryer and spray-painted silver. “Juxtaposition is beautiful, it brings a new level of excitement and ingenuity,” he explained as he fixed the accessory in place.

The audience, who had travelled from all over the UK for an on-set experience with Carlo and three other The Coterie: In Session artists (Louis Byrne, Tariq Howes and Jody Taylor), were enthralled as he worked away whilst talking about his career highlights including assisting Eugene Souleiman and developing a signature aesthetic, taking lots of influence from youth culture.

Carlo’s Coterie Kitbag

BaByliss PRO CustomFX Cordless Super Motor Clipper 
BaByliss PRO CustomFX Skeleton Trimmer
Babyliss PRO Italia Brava dryer

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