Re-discover Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA ROYAL

Dedicated to Empowering Colourists, Schwarzkopf Professional has revamped their flagship colour brand, IGORA ROYAL; showcasing a new-look streamlined portfolio with the same trusted high-performing formula

Schwarzkopf Professional truly supports colourists, which is why their brands, such as IGORA ROYAL, offer tried and tested products to empower professionals to learn  and grow. IGORA ROYAL’s re-stage continues to fuel creativity and confidence, with a campaign centred around the colourist:

Be Curious. Be Mellow.
Be Bold. Be Safe. Be Neat.
Be Blue. Be Pink. Be Punk.
Be Old. Be Young. Be You.
Be the best you can be.
Be the Colourist you want to be.
Because everything you need is already inside.

Serving as an  encouraging reminder that everything needed to be the best is already inside every colourist; it’s inside IGORA ROYAL as a trusted colour partner and it’s also inside every individual.

Press play to come behind the scenes of the IGORA ROYAL re-launch – showcasing a new-look streamlined portfolio with the same trusted high-performing formula.

Become the colourist you want to be with the help of Schwarzkopf Professional.
With the right colour products, the right trends, and the right support, the only limit is your imagination. To find out more about you can work with Schwarzkopf Professional, visit