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Need to edit out some of the damage? TIGI Copyright Care SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment can be used in so many different ways that hair is almost guaranteed to live happily ever after

Talk about a plot twist – just when your client’s hair was looking like it was in real trouble, in rides SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment to save the day. Clients and stylists alike who try it are blown away by the results that this miracle treatment can produce.

Containing 100-times more keratin than your standard shampoo and conditioner, this treatment has been proven to repair internal damage to return strands to virgin strength. And all in just FIVE minutes! It couldn’t be easier to use, with no mixing required. Whether you’re using as a pre-colour base to improve damaged locks or leaving a smooth finish at the end of a visit, it’s the perfect opportunity to add a big smile on their face at the end result… and to add a little on to their final bill, too!

Here’s an example of how you can incorporate SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment into your services…

TIGI Copyright SOS Split End Mender Treatment

Perfect for: Fine hair/Damaged hair, extremely sensitised by chemical processing

This quick service mends split ends, ideal for clients with extremely sensitised hair who don’t want to stop chemical services or who refuse to have a trim.

Step One – During the consultation, asses the porosity and elasticity of your client’s hair, looking at the level of breakage and split ends.

Step Two – For fine, tangled hair, cleanse and condition with TIGI Copyright Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Step Three – Comb hair and divide into four sections. Distribute six pumps of TIGI Copyright SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment into a bowl then use a brush to apply to the hair, working from root to tip. Process for five minutes then rinse thoroughly

Step Four – Follow with TIGI Copyright Repair System to thoroughly cleanse the hair

Step Five – Comb thoroughly to detangle hair. Apply TIGI Copyright Split End Repair Cream through mid-lengths and ends to tame fly-aways and seal the cuticle. Comb hair to distribute thoroughly

Step Six – Apply TIGI Copyright Head Protection Spray all over, then blow-dry into the desired hairstyle

TOP TIP – If your client’s hair is extremely fragile and tangled, add a conditioning step before the SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment. For extremely sensitised or coarser hair, the Moisture System soothes the hair whilst adding moisture. This is also a great service to prepare the hair in-between colour services.

“We’ve been using TIGI Copyright SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment and the results are remarkable! Our clients are really noticing a difference to their hair, which is fantastic.”
– Lawrence Cole of Lawrence Anthony, Banbury

“SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment has raised our colour work delivery to the next level and is giving us results on damaged hair that were previously unattainable.”
– Anthony Laban of Anthony Laban Home, London

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