Begin the journey to enhancing your mental health, building confidence and boosting motivation with I Can I Am and I Will

After two years of constant changes to life as we know it, the need to focus on personal wellbeing as we enter the ‘new normal’ has never been greater. Free from restrictions and orders to stay at home, for many the past few months has meant fully-booked diaries, ever-growing to do lists and little time to pause and reflect. This World Wellbeing Week, it’s time to take a moment for yourself, free from any distractions. It’s a chance to really reassess your life as you know it, and perhaps decide to do things differently.

Whether you’re new to your wellbeing journey or wishing to regain clarity following a hectic few months, the I can I am and I Will Movement, founded by international celebrity hairdresser and session stylist, Louis Byrne, is a great place to start. Have made such a profound impact since its inception, Louis has now launched a brand-new website, providing a one-stop portal for the many branches of his ground-breaking identity empowerment movement for both hairdressers and clients. highlights tried and trusted methods of self-discovery ,to help individuals discover their unique skills, creativity and wellness in order to realise their full potential. Specifically Louis’ focus is on creating a supportive, totally inclusive and accepting community where everyone feels they belong and can find the best of themselves. Alongside the website, Louis has also launched a web app that is available to download from the website. Offering all your identity and empowerment needs right at your fingertips, it’s the must-have portal for bringing about positive change in your life. 

My opinion is that everyone through self-discovery can regenerate their unique skill, creativity and wellness and thrive as a motivated, educated and inspired professional. The (ICIAIW) project connects creativity to wellness, with a driving force of positivity.Louis Byrne

The site provides detailed information on Louis’ Re-Set Plan, a 12-week programme for those working in the hairdressing industry. Created to help enhance mental health, build confidence and boost motivation, consider it your ultimate guide to leading a more positive and productive work life. “It is designed to change you on the inside, in the same way that a haircut changes a client on the outside,” Louis says. Whether you are looking to rebuild team morale or want to strengthen team-client relationships for a better-performing business, ICIAIW includes a variety of easy-to-follow growth techniques designed to create a more positive and productive outlook for your salon business. 

‘The RE-Set Plan first came out of work with myself, then transferred across into my clients. I saw and felt the difference in me and them… my sense of happiness and stability has seen my business life go from strength to strength and this is seen in every single one of my clients. I believe this programme holds the answers that many teams and businesses are seeking: a way to connect the team and clients in a deep, lasting way.Louis Byrne

In addition to the Re-Set Plan, Louis has also launched a Wellbeing Journal, available to purchase through the website. Ideal for setting in place positive habits and ensuring you make wellbeing a priority in the long term, the journal helps examine key lifestyle choices and habits. In turn, it will give you a deeper understanding of you, how you feel, and how you want to feel. Most importantly, it is full of community and collective voice, so that you feel supported along your discovery. The journal is packed with inspirational quotes as well as useful goal-setting pages, daily intentions and an easy-to-use layout to facilitate productive journaling.

New to journalling and unsure where to start? Louis will be share advice, top tips and personal reflections on journalling as part of a new monthly series, launching July!