Rebels and renegades unite – it’s the Outliers

It’s a new season in a new decade, and salons have been faced with unexpected challenges already this year; time to refresh what you’re doing as a business. The Outliers shines a light on the rebels and renegades pushing boundaries and doing things differently.

There’s never been a better time to take a step back and re-evaluate how you’re approaching business with a pair of fresh eyes. You might be surprised by what you see. Maybe it’s time for you to reassess your customer journey, your staff development, or the way you display your retail. Inside this issue, you’ll meet salon owners who have grappled with all this and more, and all with one common denominator – that drive to step outside the box, to be a business that delights. We think you’ll find something to be inspired by…

Pictured: Guido at Sacai

Some kind of wonderful

From austere and futuristic to a retro take on conservative, Redken global creative director Guido Palau shares city by city highlights of Fashion Week A/W20

Images courtesy of James Cochrane, Redken

New York – Coach

“I enjoyed this show because Debbie Harry was singing! I found inspiration from the ’80s movie The Breakfast Club, where the girls had almost normal hair. I was looking at curls and the fringes, so we put a lot of that in the show, using Redken Wind Blow Texturizing Spray for volume at the root.”

London – Christopher Kane

“It’s not a ‘get out’ to do natural hair; there’s often a blow-dry involved, a curling iron, products to take away frizz and make hair look its best. Here, it was about the centre-parting. It’s almost like the new rich blow-out, using Redken Extreme Play Safe. We’re not talking about a natural finish that’s just off the street.”

“A lot of designers want natural hair but don’t want it to move too much on the runway. For a more rich version of natural, I layer with Redken Triple Take 32 hairspray underneath but not on the top layer, so it looks more natural but doesn’t move” – Guido Palau


Milan – Prada

“I loved Prada, it was a new take on straight hair. I used extensions on all the models to take away layers, and then I cut it bluntly. It was very graphic, extremely straight hair and the top of the hair was all blown back, a very firm blow-dry with Triple Take 32 Hairspray for hold. It was quite austere.”

Paris – Alexander McQueen

“This involved a head wrap with bright red hair extensions coloured by Josh Wood [Redken global color creativity director]. It almost looks like a ’50s shape, sculpted and lacquered with Triple Take 32, but with the red panels of colour incorporated in it. The red feels dangerous and slightly punky but in a couture, McQueen way.”


Perfection, engineered

An exploration of an artistic approach to cutting and an editorial position on colour, RADIO Mechanic is the latest creative collection from the RADIO London Artistic Team. Face-framing cuts and colours showcases exceptional colour technique and cut design

Hair: RADIO London Artistic Team
Make-Up: Paris France
Photography: Holly Whittaker
Set design: JC Verona
Styling: Sara Tazor

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