It’s the cusp of the new millennium, and a teenage Alexander Kiryliuk is snapped posing for a photo in his hometown. Twenty years later, the film-shot image is unearthed by chance by the SK Style Barcelona hairdresser during a visit to his parents’ house, and inspires a styling trip down memory lane.

‘Recollection’ unites the distinct men’s hairstyles of the early ’00s with a faint nostalgia for the pre-digital age, and a sense of historical (as well as personal) transition. Examining the trends of the time through a 2021 lens, the resulting collection expresses how an essence of the past always remains within us, but can be allowed to grow in a different direction.

Creative team:
 SK Style Barcelona
Art director:  Alexander Kiryliuk
Hair: Kílian Garrigós and Inna Lipkovich
Make-up: Miguel Silva
Photography: David Arnal
Graphic design: Javier Villalabeitia