Respect the process

You can’t disappear when you’re rocking red – and a cool, crisp copper is the most chic choice right now.
There’s a rippling effect of tones that brings this deliberately daring finish to life… Have you got a client who’s ready to play with fire?

Amber’s Formula

Roots: Majirel Rubilane 6.40 + 20 Vol, Majirel Rubilane 7.45 + 20 Vol, Majirel Rubilane 8.43 + 20 Vol, Majirel Carmilane C6.46 + 20 Vol + 4ml Smartbond in each mix

Lengths and ends: Rubilane 7.45 + 20 Vol, Majirel Rubilane 8.43 + 20 Vol + 4ml Smartbond in each mix

“When I started at Charlie Miller, Majirel was a young brand. Now, there’s so much available, there’s an amazing choice as a colourist. Majirel has amazing durability and vibrancy. If a client comes in asking for a bright colour, you know you’ve got the security to achieve it.”
– Amber Swift, Charlie Miller Hairdressing

Why are there so many iconic lines about blondes?
They have more fun, so they’re the perfect clients to get playful with. From honey-hued to icy finishes, the spectrum of potential blondes means they’re a colourist’s dream. And with the social media trend of that just right biscuit blonde growing ever more popular, it’s that cooler finish that is finding an army of fans.

Angel’s Formula

Roots: Majirel Cool Inforced 8.1 (launching February 2020) + 12.5 Vol+ 4mls Smartbond

Lengths and ends: Blond Studio Multi Technique 8 + 20 Vol

Toning: 1⁄2 Majirel Glow Clear + 1⁄2 Majirel Cool Inforced 10.13 + 4mls Smartbond

“Majirel was the first range I ever used when I started colouring. I’ve grown up with it and it’s grown, too. I recently completed my L’Oréal Colour Specialist degree and Majirel played a huge part in that.”
– Angel Montague Sayers, Sally Montague Hair Group

There’s an air of mystery to a bold brunette – a confidence, a don’t-mess-with-me attitude.
Brunettes are the lifeblood of the salon but, if we’re honest, they’re rarely seen as a hotbed of creativity. Let’s play away the grey with something a bit more inventive, shall we? Espresso? Americano? We like our coffee shades served hot…

Taylor’s Formula

Roots: 3⁄4 Majirel 6 + 1⁄4 Majirel 5 + 12.5 Vol + 4mls Smartbond

Lengths and ends: Partial Technique Majirel Cool Cover 7.18 + 20 Vol + 4mls Smartbond and Majirel Cool Cover 6.8 + 20 Vol + 4mls Smartbond

“I’m a real Majirel girl – ask anyone in the salon! I absolutely love it The colours are so reliable, and you can get so creative with all the tones. It’s so innovative too – there are fresh colours and ranges all the time. I know it sounds really unusual, but I probably play more with Majirel 6 and 7. I use them a lot in different ways, not just for roots. I couldn’t live without them!”
– Taylor Ward, Jo Hansford Salon

Hello pretty pastels!
There something about a clean-canvassed client who starts talking sugared almond shades that makes a colourist’s heart flutter. They’re the ultimate playground for the creative technician, painting in pops of rainbow brights and shimmery hues. Pearly, translucent, lustrous… you’ve gotta love those pearly queens.

Katie’s Formula

Highlights: Blond Studio Platinium Plus + Blond Studio Nutri Developer 20 vol

Fringe: Majirel Glow L02 + 12.5 Vol + 4mls Smartbond

Toning: Majirel Glow 1⁄2 L02 + 1⁄2 Majirel Glow Clear + 12.5 Vol + 4mls Smartbond

“What I love about Majirel, and the reason I think it’s iconic, is that there is something for everyone within the range. Whether you’re covering white or want a metallic finish, or are adding a low light into your foils. There’s a vast range of colours and shades to choose from, all mixable, all reliable and with very natural, effortless results. At the end of the service, you get what you want. Perfect!”
– Katie Hale, Charles Worthington Salons