Royal Lineage

by | 8 Mar 2021

Colour with purpose. Colour with history. Coming soon to salons, rediscover Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA, reimagined for the modern age

Colour is at the heart of a salon – the beating, vibrant hub of creativity, where the magic truly happens. Clients are transformed through the alchemy of science and the raw talent of the colourist, and you need to give them colour products to rely on.

Whether it’s a touch-up, a root smudge or a full transformation, you require a colour range that can see you through everything. An empowering, professional range that is always reliable. A range that can help you commit to a smaller environmental impact. A range that comes with the latest education, consultation tools and brand support to elevate your work and help you execute head-turning looks.

Few colour products can claim the same reputation of Schwarzkopf Professional’s iconic IGORA colour line. The rich history of the line is indisputable – IGORA has been trusted by colourists in more than 120 countries for more than 60 years.

2021 sees the line evolve once more, while still providing colourists that same trusted quality and finish. IGORA has always been designed to allow colourists to be whatever they want. To be rule-breakers and renegades, to be the original, the very best at classic chic. IGORA brings the quality – it’s up to you to bring the vision.

Its new sustainable packaging marks a significant shift in response to the world’s renewed focus on environmental impact. Be a part of the change with Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA, with new-look packaging coming soon.

Schwarzkopf Professional have cut no corners when it comes to the redesign of the IGORA ROYAL lines as they strive “to do more with less,”, when it comes to their global footprint. Each of the new colour lines coming soon uses the following materials:

  • Tubes made from 100 per cent recycled aluminium
  • Caps made from 100 per cent recycled plastic
  • Boxes made from up to 92 per cent recycled cardboard

It’s the same trusted formula with new sustainable packaging, which will save 770 tonnes of virgin material per year.*

*Based on 2019 full year sales quantities

Become the colourist you want to be with the help of Schwarzkopf Professional.
With the right colour products, the right trends, and the right support, the only limit is your imagination. To find out more about you can work with Schwarzkopf Professional, visit

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