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Running a business through an online booking system can help keep your clients safe, your team safe and your business protected. Hear how Treatwell has helped these salons and their staff tackle the pandemic…

This ain’t our first post-lockdown rodeo. We know that hygiene has seen a hugely increased focus, and 2/3 of customers expected to return to the salon within two weeks of lockdown lifting, more than ever, clients are looking out for clear signs that you’re taking their safety seriously.

When surveyed, 50% of clients* said hygiene was considered a top concern for returning to the salon. They’re looking for better-than-ever hygiene and safety procedures in your venue – and rapid, reliable and consistent online action and messaging helps protect clients and teams more than a paper appointment book ever will.

With the government’s guidelines for personal care businesses, there are no more walk-ins, and your salon will be expected to help with Track and Trace efforts – all so much easier if your tech is sorting this for you. From spaced out appointment times and client communications on your salon’s protocols, to digital waiver forms, cash-free bills and deposit payments, Treatwell was there to help salons hit the road running when lockdown was over… and to continue growing.

“There’s even a Covid-19 questionnaire to send to clients so I don’t have to ask 10 questions when they come in – it’s all on the form they filled in beforehand!”

Matt Bartell, owner, Threads & Co.

As well as letting clients know what a salon’s updated hygiene protocols are and providing client-ready covid-checklists to send pre-appointment, Treatwell is there to keep salons informed – essential given the current circumstances.

Treatwell has been particularly helpful post lockdown. It has given us all the updates on government policies very quickly, probably the fastest,” admits Matt. That’s in addition to webinars and training even on subjects such as how to prepare yourself when you go back and how to get your staff up to date.

Matt Bartell, owner, Threads & Co. and Treatwell partner

Matt has another business in Ireland, and he was converting it across to Treatwell when the pandemic hit. “I couldn’t get to Ireland. So how am I going to get all my staff trained up on a new CRM system with iPads in the middle of a lockdown? We sent them an iPad, tutorial, my Treatwell account manager in Ireland visited all the stores and did all the training for us, set it all up and gave the staff the support they needed. And from that, I saw an increase of up to 65 per cent in two of our accounts’ online bookings.”

Leaving extra time for cleaning between clients, ensuring your staff are visibly following the PPE guidelines, making your hygiene standards public… it all helps reassure clients that you’re taking their safety super seriously.

“We’ve been able to move slots to make appointments longer, really practical stuff,” says Danielle Maguire, co-owner of Bangs London. “Treatwell added clean-up times to every appointment, and we could choose how much or how little. We didn’t have to do it every single time you put in a client, it was all automatic.”

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Treatwell and Treatwell Connect resources to help your business weather Covid-19:

      • To encourage clients to book and give those quieter slots a boost, Treatwell have built-in off-peak discounting tools… that also enable you to protect pricing on your busier days!
      • Treatwell partners get access to detailed hygiene recommendations as well as templated guidelines to share with clients
      • All Treatwell partners are sent social media toolkits and templates, so they can
        share beautifully designed posts with ease. Use these to communicate your stringent new covid-safe practices
      • Treatwell’s marketing and email tools, make it easy for you to communicate with your clients via email & SMS – vital for waiting list notifications, and sending prompt updates should the situation around appointments and staying open change. All client lists within Treatwell Connect are GDPR secure.

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Covid has also had an impact on customer behaviours that could be here to stay. As lockdown lifted, many customers remained wary of waiting around with others, and online booking gave them the chance to book well ahead of time, safe in the knowledge that they’re not going to be sharing the space.

And with more clients working flexibly from home, there’s been a huge increase in ‘off-peak’ booking slots for salons and barbers that are closer to where clients live, rather than where they traditionally work. With traditional peak hours largely disappearing, client booking times are a lot less predictable. Couple that with increased downtime between clients while you clean and sanitise, and you need make sure you’re making the most of every hour of the day.

“Through Treatwell, guests are fully aware of what our hygiene procedures are, making them feel more comfortable about coming into the salon and ensuring that the team are not fully responsible for communicating a lot of messages. That takes pressure off our stylists, so that they can concentrate on other aspects of customer service.”

Andrew Barton, creative and communications director, Headmasters

With 56 salons across the south of England, Headmasters needed to reassure thousands of clients that it was safe to visit. “Treatwell certainly helped post-lockdown in communicating the messages that we had around health and safety, that the salon was safe, by directing clients to all our marketing media,” says Andrew.

*Treatwell consumer survey


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