Seven things to do in your business in 2023

by | 29 Dec 2022

Looking to level up the way you do business in 2023? Owner of Bloggs Salons, Joe Hemmings, shares seven key things you should be doing to pave the way for success in the next year and beyond 

Joe Hemmings

Focus on the team

“Take the time to listen and understand them.  My biggest piece of advice for the year ahead is to put people first 100 per cent of the time. Put the team first.”

Negotiate margins

“Spend time calling every provider – explore anything you could possibly get a better deal on. For example, you could change your bank accounts to interest-free payments. Ultimately, that’ll mean you have more freedom if there becomes a financial issue.”


“Delegate responsibilities and roles to your team members. Trust them to do it, and do not micromanage. You want to see them evolve!”

Joe Hemmings with team
Joe Hemmings with team

Remove negativity

“Negativity has a significant effect on dynamics, culture, and teamwork. Negativity decomposes productivity, positivity and problem-solving.  The minute you hear a negative comment or you’re not happy with anything that has been done, have a talk with that person straight away. Open their eyes to the severity of negativity – if you do this correctly as a leader you’re ultimately guiding them to a greater output and input into their work life.”

Informal discussions are valuable

“Engage in lots of informal discussions with the team members, rather than fewer formal ones. This means lots of informal chats, coffees and walks. This creates a dynamic where you can talk to your team about anything that has come up, or simply because you’re concerned that they might be struggling, or perhaps you want to see if their main motivator has shifted.”

Have fun

“We forget this when we focus on the stresses and strains, but this is an amazing industry. It is ever-evolving, so have fun in your business, and your team.”

Be honest

“Don’t be afraid to tell people what is going on. You have to be transparent with how the business is doing and how to improve it. If you’ve made a mistake hold your hands up and acknowledge it.”

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