Salon owners – it’s time to meet your three new business rules…

Want to know the secret to making your days more fun, rewarding and profitable? Discover how to be number one with Salon Success

While running a successful salon is never simple, each day should be fulfilling in more ways than one. Lucky for you, you’re not alone – there’s a team to ensure you achieve your daily goals; from managing finances to keeping clients happy, Salon Success are here to help.

Yes, they’re a distribution company who work with some of the hair industry’s biggest brands, but they do things a little bit differently. As their name suggests – they want your salon to be successful and for your days to be as rewarding as possible.

From industry-leading education and marketing to salon partners, to helping with sales of services and products, at Salon Success the focus remains on the sell through, not the sell to – it’s about selling ideas and selling people.


Education doesn’t always need to be a big event. From spending an hour in salon with one of their regional technical consultants, or a session with a senior stylist demonstrating new techniques, the Salon Success team are available to teach everyone from assistants right through to managers – and all education is completely free of charge. Whether you’re looking for education to be based in salon, or even on a Sunday or at a local hotel, it’s all about what works for you.


Business skills are vital for providing a stand-out experience for clients, to ensure they return to the salon time and time again. Feeling overwhelmed by spreadsheets, marketing campaigns and managing team members? Luckily for you, Salon Success are behind 3.6.5, the iconic subscription-based salon business coaching system that’s been helping salon owners, managers, stylists and receptionists take control of their business since 1982. Best of all, the systems are simple to use and easy to understand, leaving you more time for what really floats your boat.

As a member, you’ll work through the core Business Builder salon coaching programme over the course of 2 years, giving you all the tools and essential information needed to drive your salon towards success. With prices starting from just £197 (plus VAT) per month, the only thing they don’t coach you in is how to cut hair!


With a range of new and exciting PR and marketing initiatives created each year by Salon Success, it’s even easier to promote your salon and team, as well as being given all the key tips and tricks to build your client base.

A number of loyalty programmes are also available to help you save on education and professional costs. Not only that, but free seasonal point-of-purchase materials that link to national campaigns are provided, in order to drive customers into your local salon to buy. Social media guidance is also offered, as well as an endless supply of tried-and-tested ideas for putting your salon on the map.

So, who wants a hug? Relationships are at the heart of everything Salon Success do – they genuinely care about you and your salon business (that’s why their logo symbolises a hug!) If you want to work with a distributor that is fun, friendly, professional and innovative, choose Salon Success.

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