Salon Smart 2022, in partnership with L’Oréal Professionnel Paris and Treatwell, was live and kicking for a packed day of business education after two long years. Here are five of the biggest lessons we learned from our incredible line-up of speakers…

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Invest for Success

It takes investment to secure strong growth. At Salon Smart 2022 there was a lot of talk about the terrifying heights of increased costs for businesses, but there was equally determination to invest in aspects of business to ensure survival. From exclusive sneak-peeks at the brand new Treatwell Pro system to discussions on identifying top talent and investing in them, there was plenty of attention paid to where to put your money.

Diversity is not a choice – inclusion is

The spotlight was firmly on the idea of inclusion, rather than diversity. After all, the diversity of our clients and the people we work with is a given. Choosing to educate yourself, to ensure you can provide services for all, is the real choice here. Turning away clients, whether that be due to gender or your own lack of skills, is simply not viable in this day and age.

2020 as a catalyst for change

It’s safe to say that the pandemic was a cataclysmic change – wrecking business plans and creating challenges to our personal lives almost overnight. While it has been undeniably difficult, some of our speakers used the enforced break in the norm to reconsider some of the core tenets of their own business, to change for the better. From turning your back on social media, in favour of creating work so impressive it spreads mainly by word of mouth, to thinking creatively and pivoting to open up new avenues of revenue, our speakers had advice in spades.

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“Your ego is not always your amigo”

As coined by our Most Wanted Texture Expert 2021 Lisa Farrall, there was a lot of talk of letting go of the fears, letting go of the expected, in order to push yourself and your business further. Being afraid of something going wrong, or admitting you don’t know something, helps no-one.

Be present – for yourself, your client and your team

The power of human connection was a key theme; rather than trying to plan for years in the future, to instead remain grounded and take each day at a time, placing your focus on the things that matter: your own health and wellbeing, as well as that of your team and your clients.

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