Salon, staff and business support for COVID and beyond

A new kind of membership club for salon owners – that cares for you, your team and your business

Running a salon business right now, especially during a global pandemic, can be a lot to handle. As regions in the UK continue to face lockdowns and further restrictions, it’s more important than ever to have expert advice  available for you and your team.  In this unsettled time, you can never be certain when you, or one of your team will need extra support.

Creative HEAD’s Collective, created in partnership with leading Employee Assistance Programme provider Care first, is a new membership programme that provides everyone in your salon with support and practical advice on issues that might be impacting on wellbeing and performance. The service covers everything from financial and legal matters to childcare, eldercare, emotional and practical everyday support – and much more.

Benefits to your business

  • Helps improve morale and employee engagement, as well as help prevent outside issues from impacting on work, including absences from work.
  • Provides insightful reporting to identify key issues and health risks within your salon business that can help to inform your wellbeing strategy.

Benefits to your employees

  • Empower your employees to take control of their health and address any concerns they may have. Therapy is available immediately and 24/7 from highly qualified counsellors via the telephone or online.
  • Practical and emotional advice from qualified experts over the phone, plus access to online information and tools focused on enhancing and supporting your team’s wellbeing.
  • Care first Information Specialists are experienced former Citizens Advice information specialists, who ensure accurate information is provided immediately. They are all financial experts and debt trained and can help with additional practical issues, such as legal issues, consumer issues, taxation queries and childcare/eldercare advice.

Help and advice for you and your team on all this

All services are available 24/7 and are 100 per cent confidential. It’s the support you need to keep you and your staff happy and healthy.


✓Depression and anxiety
✓Substance abuse, or concern about someone else’s addictions, including gambling, ,domestic abuse, grief and loss, critical incidents and trauma


✓Workplace stress
✓Workplace conflict
✓Job burnout
✓Coping with change
✓Career development
✓General work-related issues


✓Retirement planning
✓Managing loans and mortgages
✓Managing debt
✓Tax issues
✓Financial concerns


✓Relationship issues
✓Separation and divorce
✓Childcare and parenting issues
✓Eldercare/care giving issues
✓Education concerns and student life
✓Relatives with disabilities

Sign up to Creative HEAD’s Collective membership costs £350 plus VAT per year 

  • Dedicated 24/7 counselling and practical advice helpline
  • Tailored presentation on how to use the scheme
  • Wellbeing programme created bespoke for your team

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