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Expertise meets innovation

SalonLab&Me in use by hairdresser

For the first time ever Schwarzkopf Professional is combining intelligent hair scanning technology with your expert knowledge, so clients can discover the haircare routine that’s exactly right for them. SalonLab&Me offers a truly unique, personalised haircare experience, the one-of-a-kind journey to great hair starts here.

Schwarzkopf Professional’s award-winning SalonLab Smart Analyzer combines your hairdressing expertise with data-driven insights, to provide a truly personalised haircare recommendation for salon clients. Elevating the consultation experience, the latest innovation offers an exciting new business model for the salon, while providing clients with a bespoke haircare prescription. 

How Does It Work?

The SalonLab Smart Analyzer enables hairdressers to take the guesswork out of which products and services best suit each client’s hair type, by analysing hair at a molecular level. The pioneering technology uses a near-infrared sensor to measure the strength of the inner hair. Following the latest update, the  Analyser also allows hairdressers to measure the impact of haircare. 

When used during the consultation process, the Analyzer measures the breakage of naturally occurring original bonds inside the hair and measures the ‘base inner hair strength’. As haircare products can create and maintain new bonds when used regularly, for clients on subsequent salon visits, the hair assessment ‘complete inner hair strength’ can be measured, which represents the inner strength of hair after product use. As well as demonstrating the effectiveness of haircare products, the new addition also serves as the ultimate tool to strengthen client loyalty, as it allows clients to keep track of their progress over time.

SalonLab&Me: A simple four-step process


SalonLab&Me analyser
SalonLab Analysis

An in-app questionnaire coupled with use of the SalonLab Smart Analyzer to analyse the inner hair strength.

SalonLab&Me analyser
Hyper-personalised product recommendation

Unique to the client, matching their individual hair needs and goals.

SalonLab&Me fragrance testing

The products can be further customised with the client’s name and selected colour on the labels, as well as preferred fragrance.

Checkout and sign-up

The order process is fully digitalised – clients can purchase their individual products directly online.

A New Business Model For Salons

The demand for personalisation is only growing, as consumers seek out bespoke items across all areas of their life. Based on data-driven innovation, SalonLab&Me allows salons and their clients to enter a new era of personalised haircare. It provides an innovative and exciting e-commerce-based business solution for partnering salons while also elevating the in-salon experience. 

Combining hyper-personalised haircare with a unique digital experience, clients can order their recommended SalonLab&Me regime through an online shop, which is exclusively linked to the salon they did their analysis with. Removing the need to carry additional stock, salons also receive a commission for every order made by clients, regardless of whether it is placed directly in the salon or in between appointments.

SalonLab&Me is a unique physical-meets-digital experience in which salons and their clients can explore the best of both worlds, through an exciting B2B2C business solution. Not only are we offering a hyper-personalised product, but also a matching digital experience, where end consumers receive personalised content matching their individual hair needs and goals.
Friederike Murschenhofer, corporate director digital innovation at Henkel

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