Saving ordinary humans from themselves

From an Aussie upstart to a global movement of salons, discover why evo is the brand shaking up the hair industry status quo and leading the way when it comes to haircare with integrity

It’s 2019, and everyone is demanding a little more from their hair products. We’re all more environmentally aware and are tired of gimmicks, predictable marketing speak and pseudo-science that masks the same old repackaged formulas.

You, the hairdresser, want innovative products that don’t compromise on quality. Your clients want to make more informed choices, siding with brands that are not only authentic, but honest about their ethos. You are both looking for something that’s different in all the right ways. It’s time you met evo.

Meet the brand (and its four core values)

INTEGRITY Born out of hairdressing heritage, evo vows to stand for what it believes in – honest products that respect people AND the planet

SIMPLICITY – Free from jargon and imaginary technological claims, evo products are easy to understand and simple to use.

INNOVATION – evo aims to think differently – pushing boundaries and inspiring change for the better

PLAYFULNESS – Serious about hair care, but never taking itself too seriously, evo aims to infuse everything it does with a sense of playfulness. Because hair should be FUN, right?

evo recognises that as a product manufacturer it’s impossible to be completely sustainable but it is trying to do the right thing to lend a helping hand where it can. evo products are certified cruelty-free by PETA and predominantly vegan, they are also gluten, sulphate, paraben, glycol, propelyne, DEA (diethanolamine) and TEA (triethanolamine) free.

The brand is striving to do better when it comes to their environmental footprint too. In the near future, you will start to see evo using post-consumer recyclable and Green PE plastic, which has been created using sugar cane, rather than fossil fuels.  Each of the brand’s bottles will soon bear a how2recycle label to make it easy to dispose of empties in an earth-friendly way. Plus, all its printed materials and brushes are made from Forest Stewardship Council certified recycled wood.

Post production, evo replaces marketing hype with help for humanity and the planet. It offsets its carbon footprint by purchasing government accredited carbon-offset credits, and any damaged or discontinued stock is donated to homeless shelters – putting the care back into professional hair care.

Meet the ranges

evo – hair

As well as providing a staple, regular shampoo and conditioner, evo hair products have been designed to fit within 6 families, catering to different hair needs and distinguished by super-simple colour coded packaging. Everything easily fits into: hydrate, repair, volume, curl, smooth and style.

evo fabuloso - colour boosting treatments

evo fabuloso colour boosting treatment is an at-home, 3-minute conditioning treatment that boosts colour in-between. Available in 8 shades, fabuloso is designed to keep clients' hair looking vibrant and healthy for longer – it instantly refreshes, tones, revives and adds shine to colour treated hair.

evo – fab pro

fab pro gives colourists the power to perfectly match and maintain any hair colour in-between salon visits with a customised colour maintenance conditioner. The unique system allows salons to protect their retail sales and offer their clients a truly personalised experience. Win, win.

evo fab pro – staino 

staino is a professional colour palette of 10 super-bright, intense direct dyes (plus a clear), which lasts for up to 50 washes and fades true to tone. Packed with nourishing ingredients, staino is fully intermixable for customised, long-lasting colour and shine, and can also be used as part of the fab pro system to create an intense, customised colour care conditioner for in between salon visits.

Education and beyond
The evo philosophy doesn’t stop with its products. The brand has a solid global salon network and offer comprehensive educational courses that balance the practical with the imaginative. From styling foundation through to creative photography workshops, the evo education offering caters to the masses with something for all skill levels.


Want to find out more about evo or become part of the movement? Contact salessupport@evohair.com or visit evohair.com