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by | Feb 6, 2023 | Business, Promotion

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A poor job fit is like a bad date – and one that can last far too long. Could Salon Scout, an innovative new jobs service by hairdressers for hairdressers, forge better matches? 

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Hair stylists lead with their hearts – who else can say that with conviction? But the creative flame that burns brightly on the salon floor can fizzle out when scrolling through the same old job sites, as you search for a new artistic home.  

For salon owners after talent, and job-hunting stylists alike, traditional job boards just don’t cut it. They’re bland, they’re boring – and they fail to find the right matches.  

Salon Scout offers a new, better way – and one that’s more in-line with the creativity and passion of the hairdressing industry. Do you want to know more? 

Select your talent crush 

As salon owners themselves, Salon Scout founders Charlotte Barker and Kirsty Hildreth know that good relationships can make a salon blissful. Because choosing the right fit is essential, its super-visual platform helps salon owners easily find applicants that match their requirements. Not everyone is an IT whizz, so everything is clear and friendly to use. 

Bank account looking a little depleted from over-spending on rubbish job sites? The good news is that Salon Scout’s subscription service is more affordable than other sites. Don’t worry about getting sucked into long-term payments – you can subscribe for as long as you’re looking! 

A profile that grabs attention 

Hairdressers don’t see in black and white – and Salon Scout knows that. What it offers is a more visual moodboard, where stylists after jobs can build an eye-catching portfolio of their best work, meaning they save time by swerving trade tests, which speeds up the process. 

For stylists looking for that romantic job connection, there’s a real breadth of roles available on Salon Scout, from hair stylist to barber, salon manager, and front-of-house positions. Apprentices, the industry’s future showrunners, can also find the best salon fit to start their journey with a tailored subscription. 

 Salons – the busy beautiful places they are – often need feet on the floor ASAP. And with many salons facing stylist shortages today, this is even more vital. Here, Salon Scout works as it ensures that job posters find their matches fast, and get the hiring ball rolling. By building a vibrant profile, stylists can also fast-track their employment by really getting across who they are and what they’re capable of, helping salon owners decide if they’re ‘the one’. There’s no messing around. Hiring shouldn’t be so difficult. Through a more holistic approach, Salon Scout offers great matches that create better long-term unions. A recruitment platform that really has its finger on the pulse of the industry, neither salon owners nor stylists will be swiping left on this one. 

Is headache-inducing hiring breaking your heart? Visit or contact to see if you can find the perfect match. 

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