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Help clients gain respite from the daily churn with Eksperience from Revlon Professional; with rituals that delight scalp, hair and soul…

Restore the soul

The stresses of modern life show on our heads as much as our faces. Eyes may be the windows to the soul, but hair is the hallmark of vitality… or lack of it. Client feeling drained? Their coarse and dull tresses reveal all. Quick-fix products only mask, so you must go deeper to repair and renew. We all need the space to self-connect; make haircare a truly sensory treat with the array of new in-salon and take-home products drawn from the sea – Eksperience by Revlon Professional.

More than ever, experiences matter. Within your clientele, values such as transparency, diversity, honesty, and inclusivity have increased in importance, reflected in the choices they make and the brands with which they align. It has even impacted on our very understanding of luxury.

Eksperience offers highly effective formulas to professionally treat hair and scalp in rituals that help clients disconnect and then truly reconnect. It’s a new take on a wellness journey and holistic approach that puts the salon central to the experience, delivering handcrafted, sophisticated rituals that awaken the senses, refresh, and replenish hair and scalp, and elevate the service you offer in your chair.

Born from Thalassotherapy, Eksperience formulas are enriched with its Aquamaris Complex, which works to revitalise the scalp with essential minerals, protecting it from the formation of free radicals, while fortifying and protecting the hair, reducing the adhesion of pollution particles up to 95 per cent, and deeply restoring damaged hair cuticles.

Conscious beauty

The sea is a source of wisdom, used by Revlon Professional to create beautiful Eksperiences that repair client’s hair and restore physical and emotional wellbeing.

A powerful life force, the sea deserves the same care that Eksperience offers clients. That’s why all bottles are made from 80 per cent post-recycled plastic,* it sources from the sea while limiting negative impact.

Paper conservation matters just as much, with 60 per cent less of it in Eksperience’s carton boxes, which are made from FSC materials, so you can promote its insalon and homecare products with a clear conscience. The same awareness applies to the vegan formulas within its products too; containing more than 80 per cent natural origin ingredients, without volatile silicones** and unnecessary colourants,*** limiting damage on both the environment and clients’ heads.

For a better world

Eksperience’s love for planet earth extends beyond packaging to the ocean itself. A partnership with social enterprise Plastic Bank seeks to reduce ocean plastic and improve the lives of vulnerable coastal communities. The 2023 goal is ambitious; to remove more than four million bottles from the sea.

With every Eksperience product that salons or consumers buy, four plastic bottles will be removed from the ocean. For pleasure, planet, and products that really make a difference, help your guests disconnect once in your salon so that they can truly reconnect with themselves, their wellbeing and the world around them, with Eksperience by Revlon Professional.

Crafted for your client

Eksperience rituals are handcrafted, personalised, and consider each stage of the client experience, from an initial diagnosis to the care you share for them to use at home.

Holistic in-salon and at-home solutions are prescribed via a clinical level diagnosis with the new Tricocamera, a precise technological tool for identifying hair and scalp issues. 

Client needs are assessed before a ritual commences. This approachmakes each experience more powerful and effective, building trust and loyalty from clients who will want one Eksperience after another.

Senses and scalps are awakened as hair experts gently apply hand gesture techniques which elevate the powerful performance of Eksperience products. 

Stylists can also apply sensory tools to create truly immersive and unique experiences. Holistic solutions to hair and scalp issues that elevate hair, body, and soul is the Eksperience way; with client satisfaction guaranteed from start to finish.

Something for everyone

TALASSOTHERAPY. A multi-step salon service for scalp issues, excess sebum, hair loss, sensitive scalp and dandruff

RECONSTRUCT. Builds back brittle hair into stronger, less porous, shinier and softer locks

BOOST. For use at home or in the salon, this boasts a potent mix of vitamins to boost strand strength

SEBUM. This fights oil and odour caused by excess sebum, leaving a purified and rebalanced scalp

SCALP COMFORT. Instantly cleanses, soothes and relieves dry and sensitive scalps

ANTI-HAIR LOSS. For thinning hair in need of extra strength

DENSI PRO. For thin and dry locks needing support, including mature hair

PURITY. Packed with anti-dandruff agents, this range helps clean, soothe, and protect the scalp

COLOUR PROTECTION. Keep colour bright, softer and radiant for at least 30 days****

HYDRO NUTRITIVE. A blend of oils and nourishing emollients hydrate and restore natural hair oils

WAVE REMEDY. Difficult to manage hair is nourished for longer


* On 94 per cent of bottles, excluding closures and labels.
**A few formulas contain non-volatile silicones.
***Color Protection Blonde & Gray Hair Cleanser formula contains colourants, kept to provide the key benefit of the formula.

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