Searching for perfection from your kit? Discover Kent Salon brushes

Are YOU looking to style with purpose, precision and authenticity? Get to grips with the hair tools you need in your arsenal…

Years of training, meticulously refined creative skills, and a carefully honed eye for detail – as a hard-working hair professional, you deserve to use the very best tools to carry out your craft.

Step in Kent Salon, the sister brand to universally renowned British brand Kent Brushes. Kent Salon have developed a dynamic collection of 19 brushes, designed specifically for professionals seeking perfection from their kit. Chic, but created with functionality and practicality in mind, each of the brushes in the collection features unique design details to help modern hairdresser’s like you with daily styling, both in and out of the salon.

Built upon the foundation of hundreds of years of expertise, Kent Salon carries Kent Brushes heritage into the professional realm. Established in 1777, and having been given the royal stamp of approval with the granting of a royal warrant for nine reigns, Kent Brushes have long been revered for their outstanding reputation, thanks to their high-quality service and haircare expertise. With a place firmly in the history books as the world’s oldest hairbrush manufacturer, Kent Brushes and now Kent Salon are continually in pursuit of perfection at every stage – from production right through to professional use day in, day out behind the chair.

For those searching for effortless and easy to use styling tools, Kent Salon offers the perfect solution. From the dainty to the heavyweight, each of the ergonomic brush handles have been crafted to suit every size of hand, with a fit that is soft and smooth as well as firm and lightly textured for superior grip. With a slender neck and six elevated chrome fins, each of the brushes offers the perfect balance between traction and glide through the hair, enabling you to work the brush easily without compromising on stability and technique.

To help with sectioning the hair during styling, another design feature on the Kent Salon brushes is the stout bodied handle, which slowly tapers to a gentle polished point. The metal end has been crafted from steel to balance the brush weight perfectly, and is embossed with the Kent Salon insignia, enforcing the brush’s exclusivity, craftsmanship and unquestionable quality.

Available exclusively to salons and never sold on the high street, Kent Salon brushes offer the perfect solution for every styling need. From paddle brushes to dressing brushes, no corners have been cut and no expense spared in their pursuit of perfection in professional hands.

Ready to become a part of hairstyling history?

It’s about to get even easier to upgrade your kit, as Kent Salon have launched an online shop and it couldn’t be easier to use. Simply fill out a registration form, along with a copy of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate OR professional qualifications and you’re ready to go!

To visit the online store and register, click here. For more information regarding the launch and for all the latest news, head to @kentsalonuk on Instagram.


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