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Masterclasses and business advice for freelance hairdressers delivered right to you! SELF/STYLED Sunday returns on 26 September to help you learn, grow and – most importantly – earn!

You made the leap into freelancing for a reason: to be in control of your own business, your own hours, your own path. Freelancing is rarely that straightforward though, and you can easily find yourself compromising on your free time or your ideal way of working.

SELF/STYLED Sunday is returning on Sunday 26 September, and the focus is firmly on making money in the best way that works for you. From a quad of freelancers who reimagined their career paths to essential education in pricing, we have a packed day of content for you to enjoy.

If you’re new to SELF/STYLED Sunday events, now is the perfect time to discover our digital event series, in partnership with Aston & Fincher. Stay connected and clued up with our content, designed specifically for the needs of freelance hairdressers. Come and join the gang!

Intrigued? We know you are – here’s a quick run-down of what to expect on 26 September….


10.15 – 11.15am

SELF/MADE MASTERCLASS with L’Oréal Professionnel Paris

Signature Styling

If there’s one thing Jamie Stevens knows it’s how to create a lasting impact through his signature cutting techniques. Join this multi-award winner for his cutting and styling masterclass to sharpen your skills.

Includes a discount code for VAT-free shopping on all L’Oréal Professionnel products in the Aston & Fincher online store, revealed during the session.


11.30am – 12.00pm

SELF/HELP Session with SLBPR

Back to Skool!

Time for some more targeted PR advice from SLBPR founder Sharon Brigden. Sharon will be joining SELF/STYLED editor Deborah Murtha to discuss targeting three specific client groups as everyone shifts gear in September.

The work returners. The student cohort. The playground pick-up potential. As everyone turns their attention back to work, or school, after the summer, it’s time to develop specific communications to address each of these groups and convince them to book in with you.


2.00pm – 3.00pm

PANEL TALK: The Hustle

These stylists are walking the walk, and making the changes they needed in their career to make them happier, more productive and, ultimately, more successful. From reshaping their time in the salon and breaking out into session, to re-imagined education and building their own personal studio space — our four panellists have not stopped grafting to make their dreams a reality.

Join SELF/STYLED editor Deborah Murtha in conversation with top colourist James Earnshaw, session stylist Lauren Bell, educator and FHA representative Cristina Fazzone, and studio founder Lynette Murray.


3.15pm – 4.00pm

SELF/HELP Session with Boss Your Salon

Pricing and Money Mindset

Our final session really gets to the root of valuing your time and expertise. Maddi Cook, owner of Boss Your Salon coaching, will be delivering a spin-off session from her incredibly popular Pricing and Money Mindset coaching series to help you to stop winging your way through life and work out how to price yourself effectively.

Maddi has developed a super-effective pricing calculator to help you charge your real worth and avoid burning yourself by undercutting rival stylists. In fact the calculator is SO clever it is nominated for Best Innovation in our Most Wanted 2021 awards, don’tcha know!

Now that we’re caught your attention, here’s how you can get involved!

SELF/STYLED Sunday is held on Zoom, so you can get involved with our freelance community wherever you are. We want to offer you the most flexibility we can in enjoying SELF/STYLED Sunday, while also keeping costs low.

Our L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Masterclass — featuring our exclusive Aston & Fincher discount code — costs just £5 to attend. Insane value for money! And that’s not all… the three business sessions that follow are completely free to watch. Simply order your complimentary tickets from our Store to receive the access codes and tune into the sessions that interest you.

There are two options for tickets, so you can choose the ticket that suits you best:

The DAY PASS includes access to all four sessions in the day in one handy bundle, and includes the discount code for Aston & Fincher.
Price: £5 through the Creative HEAD Store.

The BUSINESS PASS contains the access links for the three complimentary business sessions, the two SELF/HELP sessions and the Panel Talk.
Price: FREE through the Creative HEAD Store.

Tickets are available NOW! Click here to snap one up — see you on the 26 September!

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