Billy Fry and Ellenora Dean’s lives are interwoven in so many ways (understatement of the year)

The Percy & Reed alums, who also happen to live together, have the kind of shared aesthetic and familiarity that made the first shoot for their freshly minted salon fry + dean a seamless experience. We had a chat with the duo for an exclusive preview and inspiration behind the looks…

“As best friends, colleagues and housemates, what would be the next step? Business partners! We started our journey as fry + dean four months ago with a seed of an idea to open our own salon, local to our home in east London. Not long after our search for the perfect location started, we stumbled across a space we fell in love with just 100 metres from our home on Hackney Road! Living and working in such close proximity meant our local community would be paramount to our brand identity. With this thought in mind, the concept of our shoot felt obvious to us – something that reflected the spirit of east London, and to do so we would pull together a team of friends from the local area.

The shoot was an opportunity for us and our friends to showcase our mutual passions and skills to create something that was personal to us.

It may be due to the amount of time we spend together, or possibly just by chance that our aesthetic is naturally very aligned, so when creating the concept for the shoot we had the same visions of a laid-back, effortlessly cool girl. We wanted to work with one model and very neutral clothing to explore how the use of great products and styling can create endless results to reflect modern, changeable identity trends.

Our vision was to build a culture that supports collaboration, promotes wellness, develops creativity and nurtures future talent. At fry + dean we wanted a creative outlet that was more than just a salon. A place for us to be ourselves. But, more importantly a place our clients feel relaxed, to be themselves and use the space as they want to. We’re a place to meet, drink, work and learn, as well as doing hair.”

Hair & Styling: Ellenora Dean and Billy Fry

Make-up: Katie Moore

Photography: David Reiss