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One pink Redken Fiat 500. Four cities. Hundreds of influencers. One incredible road trip to launch the new Redken Blow Dry with Benefits menu. Hop in…

How do you launch a breakthrough Blow Dry with Benefits menu and really create a buzz? Well, if you’re Redken, you transform a Fiat 500 into a pink Shades EQ tour car and hit the road, travelling the UK to introduce the menu to leading beauty editors and influencers nationwide in some of the UK’s top colour salons. This bit of business-boosting genius from Redken was put in place to help salons across the country attract new clients into their chairs to experience a blow-dry with a difference and encourage them to fall in love with professional colour services.

By getting the most up-and-coming, regionally relevant influencers and noteworthy beauty editors into salons to experience the menu first hand, the message was sure to get out in the chicest way possible. Let’s hit the road…

London with Larry King



Shades EQ Blow Dry with Benefits menu launches at Larry King, London. More than 25 top press and influencers present.

“The Blow Dry with Benefits menu is great for converting a walk-in blow-dry client into a colour client, without it feeling like such a big step.”
Larry King, founder

Sheffield with Wigs and Warpaint

Wigs and Warpaint might be well known for its wig work, but this team loves a punchy colour moment provided by Shades EQ.

“The Blow Dry with Benefits menu is a fab idea – the menu fits in with busy routines and helps the colour longevity and hair integrity.”
Claire Flack, director

Manchester with RCNQ



RCNQ teamed sleek finishes with glimmers of subtle colour as Shades EQ toners proved to be a big hit.

“The event was a huge success and helped us build new relationships with local influencers, which has exponentially grown our engagement online.”
Rob Czlapka, founder

Liverpool with Voodou Liverpool

Quirky rainbow shades are the norm at Voodou Liverpool, which made it the perfect stop to round off the UK tour.

“Each influencer wanted to try something different on the menu, and the pink Fiat 500 attracted so much attention!”
Anna Gribbin, head of social

What sets your average blonde apart from a fashion-forward, on-trend blonde moment? It’s all in the tone. Up your blonding game with the two new Shades EQ Level 10 toners…

You wanted them – lighter-than-ever toners that would help you unleash your toning techniques. Please welcome the long-awaited, much anticipated Shades EQ Level 10 toners, created for a Tribe of next level blonde colourists that craved the glossiest, healthiest-looking high level finishes!

The ultimate in crowdsourced colour, new Shades EQ Level 10 toners are the perfect way to set your colour work apart in the salon and on social media, securing the cleanest tones for impeccably beautiful blonde finishes. The two new toners – 010VV Lavender Ice and 010N Delicate Natural – are the latest and lightest from the iconic liquid demi permanent colour loved by some of the biggest it-list colourists worldwide. Deep conditioning? Flawless shine? Intense reflect? Oh yes! Shades EQ delivers A-list results, every time.

Just check out these luminous blondes to see how these toners are changing the blonding game…

“With so many of my clients now requesting neutral tones and winter blondes, 010N + 010VV are the perfect partners for this – truly balanced beautiful blondes and a game changer for me & my clients!”

Regrowth lightened with Flash Lift Bonder Inside
Zone 1: Toned with Shades EQ 010VV + 08VB
Zone 2 + 3: Toned with EQ 010VV + 09P + Crystal Clear

Paco Latorre, Live True London

Zone 1: Toned with Shades EQ 10N
Zone 2 + 3: Toned with Shades EQ 010VV + Crystal Clear

Sarah Maguire, 1501

“As a blonde specialist it is essential that I can offer my clients the cleanest and most vibrant blondes available – Shades EQ Level 10s set the Redken tones well above the rest.”

Craig Purves, One 2 One Hair

“If you create a lot of blondes in the salon you simply MUST try the 10s. You can thank me later.”

Becki Beavan, The Hair Boutique

Lightened with Flash Lift Bonder Inside using balayage and face-framing techniques.
Zone 1: Root Stretch with Shades EQ 06N + 07N +07P
Zone 2 + 3: Toned with Shades EQ 010N + 10VV

High and Higher

Redken’s Flash Lift Bonder Inside starts creative blonde work off on the right track, providing a healthy luxurious blonde all while looking after the hair. Protecting the structure of the hair is crucial, which is where Flash Lift Bonder Inside comes into its own. This fast-acting formula gives up to eight levels of lift and includes a built-in bonder, which saves precious time as there’s no extra mixing or measuring. It’s the secret weapon behind so many brilliant blonde finishes and is loved by it-list colourists like Josh Wood. If you haven’t tried it yet, why not?!

Join the Redken Colour Tribe today. For a bespoke colour demonstration or more information, email or visit 

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