Shades of you

Offer a service for every client that sits in your chair – whether they’re a regular colour user or not

With a wide range of colour masks available, CHROMA ID gives hairdressers the opportunity to offer services which truly meet the needs of every individual colour client.

Play it cool
Cool things off with anti-yellow pigments, perfect for light blonde, silver or white bases; or anti-orange for darker blonde bases to neutralise any unwanted tones

Sweet like candy
Candyfloss-sweet shades are a doddle with CHROMA ID. Simply mix a Bonding Colour Mask with the Clear Bonding Mask for your desired sugar rush

Feeling fresh
Apply directly, mix and match and customise to your heart’s desire. There are so many options for you to create truly customised colour

Pass the sunnies
Some people aren’t made to blend in. Enjoy mixing up an unlimited palette of bright, intense and inspiring colours

Designed for colour refreshment at home, clients can also preserve their flawless hair colour in-between salon visits, thanks to the matching Bonding Colour Masks.

Sweeten your colour menu with CHROMA ID and boost your business by offering your clients exciting new service options. For more information call 0800 328 6920 or visit