She’s gotta be terracotta

by | 23 Dec 2022

Colourist Sarah Black is drawing inspiration from her love of interiors for her latest colour creation. Get the lowdown on how she created a warm, terracotta hue

Sarah Black

Sarah Black

On the surface, terracotta translated to hair is copper, but with a slight red undertone. By introducing a mahogany into the copper formula, this will add a beautiful, muted depth that sets off this colour. 

This particular transformation was a BIG ONE! Years of black box dye had to go and during this process, (with no surprise to anyone I’m sure!) we were left with copper! So, when formulating I wasn’t looking to add anymore copper. The main body of the formula was L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Majirel 7.35+ 6.35. I added a super small amount of 8.34 + 6.45 just to make sure the colour was going to pop.

Ultimately I was looking to achieve something close to a .45,  but it’s super important to look at what you’re working with. Had I used my desired shade, I would have been left with a .4445 and that all important reddish undertone would have been lost! 

Terracotta hair colour before picture


Terracotta hair colour during



For any client that has an olive or darker skin tone and wants to step into the copper/auburn world, this kind of palette works beautifully, as there’s more depth to it than a true copper.

  1. First of all, I gave a super in-depth colour consultation prior to the appointment to assess what the possibilities were. During this appointment, I took two strand tests so I could try two different options of colour removal.
  2. On the appointment day, we started the process with a deep cleanse using L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Effasor and 30vol, before treating the hair with INNOluxe.
  3. Once this had processed for an hour, I rinsed and used pre-lightener + 20 vol to give a little encouragement to the more stubborn ends (we’re talking years of box dye here!)
  4. Next, I dried the hair and formulated the final shade. I decided on:
    Roots (natural) – 30g 7.35 + 30g 6.34 + 15g 6.45 + 30vol
    Mids and Ends – 30g 7.35 + 30g 6.35 + 10g 8.34 + 10g 6.45 + 12vol
  5. After application, rinsing and drying, I styled the hair with a loose wave to finish.

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