Silver linings

Empower your client to embrace their natural grey while growing a new business stream with True Grey from Wella Professionals

Is there a bigger beauty revolution right now than grey hair? The turnaround in attitudes caused by lockdown has redefined what is beautiful, that youthfulness is no longer the only acceptable beauty standard.

Yet while this change has caused excitement, there is also a fear clients embracing their grey will be colour clients lost to your business. That doesn’t need to be the case…


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New from Wella Professionals comes an innovation that will create an entirely new business stream: True Grey. The world’s first in-salon silver treatment for revitalising hair that’s 70 per cent plus grey is damage- and commitment-free.*

True Grey brings myriad grey tones to life to create diverse and unique looks for those taking the step to grow out their grey. They’ll enjoy a more luminous, more dimensional result, with complex and beautiful reflections of silver, pearl, smoke, ash…


Unlike traditional colour, True Grey’s technology uses a subtle and soft oxidative grey base mimicking the natural hues of beautiful grey hair to create a reliable, luminous and natural-looking world of light and shadow. It also boasts a clean formula with a pH of 7, just like pure water. For those concerned they’ll be colouring their hair, this hybrid service does not damage or alter the hair base, while maintaining the original health of the hair.

With three shade families – Pearl Mist, Graphite Shimmer, and Steel Glow – in light, medium and dark options, you can blend and place a bespoke cocktail for each client in your chair. You have a complete colouring tool box to help support your naturally grey hair clients with True Grey and a Silver Glow service, or if they are on a journey towards naturally grey hair you have the Wella Professionals colour portfolio to support a fluid transition, delivering bespoke grey results for everyone.

“This is the perfect product right now for clients who no longer visit for colour but want to continue visiting the salon, who want to really enhance their grey and white hair, but ultimately want to think about the hair’s integrity and the condition as well,” explains Robert Eaton, Wella Professionals UK & Ireland creative technical director. “Colourists shouldn’t be scared about this as a service because actually it’s an opportunity to really work with your client to create the most modern hair colour results.”

The key to a successful grey client base? It’s all in the art of conversation, listening to what your guest really wants, discussing their personal journey over the months ahead and identifying the right Silver Glow or grey blending service that’s perfect for them. The opportunities are there for you; the grey revolution can happen at your fingertips. Are you ready to join the movement?


SILVER GLOW REVITALISING TREATMENT – a personalised treatment to add silver hues and shine, reduce yellow tones and leave hair soft and manageable in just 30 minutes.

EXPRESS SILVER GLOW REVITALISING TREATMENT – perfect for an overall healthy silver finish that softly reduces yellow tones in just 15 minutes.

Book onto the Mastering Grey course online or in the studio to ensure you’re the expert in grey hair for any client wanting to make the move.

Be great at every grey imaginable with True Grey from Wella Professionals. Discover more at


*The world’s first in in-salon silver treatment for revitalizing naturally grey hair, combining: free of perfume and alkalizers such as ammonia and ethanolamine, oxidative grey pigments that fade away naturally, at pH7, as gentle on hair as pure water

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