Silver Siren Call

Work with greys not against them, with the new grey blending hair techniques from Wella Professionals.

Wella grey hair models

Let’s face it – fighting the advancement of grey hair sometimes feels like trying to hold back the tide. Work smarter rather than harder and show your clients that there can be another way with these new Grey Blending techniques from Wella Professionals and Robert Eaton, Wella Professionals creative technical director UK&I.

Clients have differing colour needs that evolve throughout their lives, and Wella’s thorough, six-step consultation process has been designed to ensure clients feel included and heard. It’s never just a case of telling a client what you think they want to hear, and this collaborative approach allows for client loyalty, frequency and creativity.

Whether they’re alarmed by the emergence of their first grey hair, thinking of growing out previous colour, or looking to embrace and personalise their grey look, Wella Professionals has created four distinct colour client profiles for you to use as a base guide for any client you might have. Wella Professionals has also broken down everything you might need, from hero products for different clients to how to charge for the services, and the ideal follow-up products to protect your work.

The right placements and undertones are hugely important in cultivating a new blended grey style for your client. Wella Professionals has laid the groundwork for you to feel confident in guiding your clients through any colour decisions, wherever your client is on their hair journey.

Wella grey hair model

CLIENT PROFILE: Currently has demi-permanent colour service that leaves the hair looking warm and does not complement her complexion. Is seeking a service that can eliminate the warmth while maintaining hair condition.

HERO PRODUCT: Koleston Perfect.

PERFECT SERVICE: Glossing – introduce your clients to a Wella Professionals Glossing service with a twist.

Wella grey hair model

CLIENT PROFILE: Suffers from a lot of warmth from demi-permanent colour applications. This client wants to make sure that she can have a fun grey image that mirrors her outgoing personality.

HERO PRODUCT: Illumina Color.

PERFECT SERVICE: Keep grey blending cool with this simple colour update using single foils or a half-head of foils.

Wella grey hair model

CLIENT PROFILE: Has just started to discover the first signs of grey hair. Not sure what colour application is needed but is very concerned about damage. Her hair means everything to her, so trust in a colourist is paramount. A thorough consultation is key to the success of the colour application.

HERO PRODUCTS: Color Touch and Blondorplex.

PERFECT SERVICE: Disguising first signs of greys with babylights and toning, or a partial head of foils.

Wella grey hair model

CLIENT PROFILE: Decided to start growing her colour out but is unsure what the next steps should be. Every time she went to other salons, colourists would want to cover the grey hair which is not what she wanted. She is looking for a playful colour that complements her haircut.

HERO PRODUCT: Illumina Color.

PERFECT SERVICE: Keep blending cool with a simple colour update using half-head of foils and a toning service.

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