Six mistakes stylists make when it comes to curls and textured hair

by | 20 Jun 2022

There’s a real art to curly and textured hair and a lot that can go wrong. We asked top stylist Desmond Murray for his advice on how to work with curls and the mistakes to avoid

Desmond Murray

There’s a need for more education around curls and textured hair, and how to work with clients to enhance their natural locks in order avoid the common pitfalls when it comes to dealing with these hair types.

We asked top hairdresser Desmond Murray about the mistakes hairdressers commonly made when it comes to cutting and styling curly and textured hair. Here, he provides six golden rules when it comes to cutting, styling and aftercare.

1. Not providing the right education

Educating curly-haired clients about their haircare regime is one of the most important things any hairdresser can do. There are lots of myths surrounding curls and texture, so recommend curl-specific products for them and explain what you are using on their hair when they are in your chair and why. Ranges such as A Curl Can Dream from Matrix is designed specifically for curls and textured hair.

2. Not distributing products evenly 

Always make sure that the client knows to evenly distribute styling products – often a clump is placed on one part of the head and away they go. Show them how to build up a cocktail of products, and how to use their fingers or a wide tooth comb to create curl formations prior to drying.

3. Not providing the right aftercare advice

Curls are notoriously dry, so recommend a weekly mask they can apply before going to bed to ensure their curls stay healthy-looking and nourished.

4. Slice setting hair

Never slice cut curly hair as this will make the hairs trends more prone to frizziness. A blunt cut will keep curls light and defined.

5. Avoiding layers

There’s a common myth that you shouldn’t layer curly hair – but you can forget that notion. Don’t be afraid to add layers into curly hair, as this will help the shape grow out without looking like a triangle.

6. Cutting curly hair while wet.

Try to cut curly hair dry so you can visually see the shape you are creating without adding tension to the haircut. 

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