State of mind

Aid Tams, founder of Bad Apple Hair, shares his unique hair cutting method to maximise creativity and minimise time spent on each cutting service

Hair cutting method by Aid Tams

“It is important to take time out to tune in to yourself no matter who you are when working in a salon. At some point you’re going to get stuck in a rut where days can become about seeing one client after the other, and it’s often difficult to not get stuck using the same hair cutting method, which can get very brain numbing!

 During lockdown, I noticed on social media that as an industry we all couldn’t wait to get back to doing what we love and get knee deep in hair again, after being forced out of our salon routine. I have a tool and theory that will prolong the excitement of styling when we return to salons  and start cutting and colouring hair once again.

It’s a nine template based system, that for each template consists of a minimum amount of 10 cuts. This enables us to create at least 90 cuts overall which is an amazing hair vocabulary! The best way to think about this is to learn the basics first, then learn how to merge the classics together.

Once comfortable, you can go all out and experiment with a vast amount ofpossibilities. Methods are made up of base lines, graduation, layering & disconnections. Like any good choreographer, use your methods and logic to really push the boundaries on paper first. For me there’s nothing worse than going to an education seminar to learn a couple of hair cuts when you can ‘self brain train’ to accomplish multiple cuts and colours using this user-friendly hack.”