Parisian brown

Bee cottington, colourist at Lockonego, shares their latest technique to transform darker tones

From face framing highlights to glossing and balayage, now more than ever there’s opportunities to enhance beautiful, brunette tones. Looking to develop your colour creativity? Lucky for you, Lockonego’s Bee Cottington has created “a rich looking brunette with espresso, mocha and chocolate tones”.

Offering a fresh take on his classic ‘face frame’ technique, she says: “I think it’s a great alternative, as it offers something more for global colour. It’s easy to change seasonally, and is adaptable for all haircuts and skin tones. With an ever increasing focus on shine, condition, texture and dimension, this is the perfect colour technique.”

The Technique

Firstly, add babylights and ombré panels on the corners to frame the face and enhance contours and brightness. “This will give a super natural effect, and is great for covering greys on hairlines,” Bee explains.

“In order to create greater depth, adding a ‘root melt,’ which is longer than a root stretch, is the perfect option,” she adds. “The length and ends are only half to one shade lighter than the root colour, giving more texture and dimension.”

To finish, tone the corner panels with 07CB + 06RB from Redken Shades EQ “for a lighter and warmer finish”.