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ANTI.dote salon owner Andrew Feve shares how using Slick has improved his salon’s inclusivity, customer satisfaction, and his peace of mind as a business owner…

Andrew Feve


Owner: ANTI.dote salon

Location: York

Opened: 2020

Staff: Two employed, two self-employed

Vibe: Relaxed, open, fun

Brands used: L’Oréal Professionnel Paris


Q: Was there a eureka moment that led to the creation of ANTI.dote?

AF: A friend put the idea in my head. I went to the bank and asked for money and within three days I had it and I was like ‘wow I’ve got to open the salon now’!I also wanted to make a change to the way people are treated in the industry, especially younger people. The attitude of ‘you’re down here and we’re up here’. I wanted to create a better environment.

Q: What does a safe space look like to you?

AF: Removing unnecessary barriers, such as the reception desk. I was surprised to find how many clients dislike it and see it as a gate that says you can’t come through. We also offer mirrorless and quiet services. You can create a safe space that way and by making sure that everybody’s attitudes and the energy you’re putting out are safe and happy.

Q: What makes you most proud about your salon colour offering?

AF: I’m a L’Oréal Colour Specialist, and because of the knowledge we share as a team, our colour knowledge is the same too. We offer bespoke timings to clients to make sure they get the result they want. We have face-to-face consultations to ensure the booking is tailored to them.

 People always talk about the client journey, but what about your staff? If you don’t have happy staff, you’ve not got a happy salon .Andrew Feve

Q: Has using Slick freed-up time?

AF: The biggest thing about Slick is the reports. It’s so easy to download reports for my accountant and pass that data on or talk through it quickly without him having to trawl through it manually. You can compare with this time last year to see where you’re at with ease, and there are future predictions. Slick also saves time on cashing up at the end of the day. Being cashless, Slick helps tally up straight away.

Q: How does Slick help you offer clients a five-star experience?

AF: You’ve got everything in one place, it helps us offer a better experience by streamlining everything so we’re not fumbling around. Some salons might still have clients on paper and need to go through caller history to find them. Also, clients love Slick’s digital appointment cards and text reminders.

Q: Has Slick helped you become more inclusive of client needs?

AF: Slick’s new client tags feature, which you can add on to client files, is great for this. It highlights information about the client you need to remember. When clients have specific needs, such as when someone has changed their pronouns or has neck restraints which might affect usual basin use, the entire team is aware.

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