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An easy-to-use salon software system will transform your day-to-day life and boost  your business. Here’s what it’s done for this salon manager…

Brent Pankhurst

Founder, Pankhurst London


Opened: 2000

Locations: London and Dubai

Former System: Paper/pen and software

Vibe: Style, craftsmanship, service

What inspired you to start Pankurst London?

I was creative director for Sassoon many years ago, before starting session work for films, bands, all sorts through the ‘90s. We saw a void in the market for something stylish – at that time there were only really traditional men’s barbers around. We wanted to create a space for men focusing on quality and craftsmanship.

Your London location is based just off Saville Row – what kind of clientele do you attract?

You have to appeal to different tribes of men, be that magazine editors, bankers, hipsters or taxi drivers. What appeals to all men? The Aston Martin in a James Bond film, a beautiful whiskey, a classic Rolex. It’s style over fashion and everybody is welcome. We’re like a speakeasy, gentleman’s club.

You don’t need to have 100 more clients, it’s about how to maximise that client base without being pushy and without human errors.Brent Pankhurst




What have you focused on to always deliver a five-star appointment?

It’s like in Goodfellas, when Ray Liotta takes his girlfriend on their first date where they put him at a table at the front. That’s how you need to make your customer feel; like they’re the most special person. We keep notes about clients’ preferences, which Slick keeps note of. We have an amazing clientele, but it’s all about personal relationships ultimately.

You’ve used both manual and digital systems – what prompted the move to Slick?

My sister, a hairdresser in Oxford, recommended them. What was instantly different was that you could easily get hold of them on the phone. It’s, again, all about that personal touch. They’d never done any work in Dubai, but when we approached them about our business, they bent over backwards for us to get it working.

How does Slick help your business?

At the end of the month, when things are quieter, they contact us with suggestions of who to target, and we send a reminder out – it always leads to sales. For me, as a non-techie person, it has been game-changing. It’s absolutely changed the way we run our business.

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