For Danni Jones, Megix 10 was a chance to shake up her salon routine and get out of a rut. Danni made the switch in the aftermath of Covid-19, and hasn’t looked back…

Promotion – Megix 10

Megix10 is a revolutionary new hair colouring system that takes just 10 minutes to develop – a game-changer for both stylists and customers. Clients can wave goodbye to hours spent waiting in the salon chair, with faster results meaning more time for a more personal consultation.

The Megix10 line features 92 permanent shades to choose from, with Keraveg18 technology to maintain the hair’s integrity throughout the colouring process.

For stylist Danni Jones of the Lox of Love group, making the switch to Megix10 got her out of a rut using the same old products time after time. “Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Being a colourist, it’s natural to get stuck in a rut of using brands that you’ve been familiar with throughout your career – but sometimes it’s good to change!” 

Lox of Love salon owner Victoria Cartwright decided to try the brand after Covid-19 restrictions meant a shorter waiting time became even more valuable to the salon and it was a turning point for Danni. 

“After Covid-19, I switched to Megix10 – which was the best decision I’ve ever made. The 10-minute development time (which really does work!) helped us get through the large volume of clients on our waiting list while the Keraveg18 nourishes the hair and leaves an amazing shine.”

Jeff O’Neil discusses the benefits of Megix10

Danni also praised the line for its wide range of colour options. Stylists using Megix10 have access to the colour wheel, meaning they can easily check the background tone of every colour on offer. 

“There is a wide range of colours so you can custom tone for any client. I have loved working with the brand and would recommend it to any colourist or stylist.”

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