Spotlight on… the salon chain

As one of the biggest and well-known salon chains in the UK, Headmasters sees thousands of clients a week across its 56-strong group. Here, creative director Andrew Barton shares what the brand is doing right now to tackle the Coronavirus challenge


UPDATE – 23 March 2020

As of the end of Monday 23 March, all Headmasters salons are temporarily closed in accordance with government guidelines

“All salons have the following notice on their front desks, and we have also shared it with staff and clients across social media and email:

Please don’t be offended if we don’t shake your hand today!

At Headmasters, we value the health and wellbeing of our staff and our clients. We would like to bring to your attention to the protocol in our salons to help safeguard against the spread of any infectious disease:

    • Styling sections are cleaned between clients with anti-bacterial spray
    • Each client gets a freshly laundered towel and gown for their appointment
    • Our linen is laundered at over 60°C
    • Our cups and cutlery are cleaned thoroughly in a dishwasher at 60°C
    • Our equipment and tools are sterilised between each appointment
    • Our staff wash their hands regularly
    • The salon is cleansed thoroughly at the end of every day.

Due to recent events we are also providing anti-bacterial gel on our reception desks.

How can you help us?

We ask for your patience as we make additional cleaning steps to safeguard our staff and clients and request you use the anti-bacterial hand gel upon arrival and departure.

We would ask that if you feel ill before your appointment or have any concern regarding your health you call us to re-arrange your appointment.

“We are assessing day by day as we hear from the government, making decisions as the situation changes. It’s really important – now more than ever – that we communicate well with our teams and clients, taking positive action to protect everyone and our industry.

Extra spend will have to stop for the short term, so creative projects will have to move to later in the year. It’s important to share small successes and keep everyone’s spirits up. It’s a very difficult time for any service based industry; we need to be as lean as we can be to get through it because we will eventually get through the current crisis.”