Get the pastels at the ready as the spring approaches! Safy B has every shade of inspiration you need 

As we look wishfully ahead to lighter nights and brighter days, the warmth of spring’s arrival is going to have your clients looking to have some fun with their colour. Whether it’s a subtle hue for something playful or an all-out pastel rainbow, expert colourist and salon owner Safy Burton, of Safy B Salon, knows exactly how to cater for each client. 
Generally, pastels are a huge trend in the spring. However, we are actively seeing clients combining more vibrant and pastels tones together, and also those who haven’t experimented before are now taking their first steps in the colour world with very discreet colour additions, she explains.  
Here are three spring hair trends Safy says to look out for this season

Safy B pastel hair

Rainbow candy 

“A fun-loving and creative look. This is an ideal colour trend to create for blonde clients, those who want something bespoke and unique and aren’t afraid to be a little bit out there. Using a pastel rainbow, the shades fade incredibly throughout the look, giving a holographic effect.” 

Goldwell Elumen Play 

Pastel Lavender 20ml + 7ml Purple 
Pastel Mint 20ml + 5ml Metallic Petrol 
Pastel Coral 10ml + 15ml Yellow 
Pastel Coral 20ml + 5ml Orange 
Pastel Rose 20ml + 7ml Pink

Safy B two tone pastel hair

Mint Violet 

“The two-tone, or ‘Gemini hair’ trend has been very popular in the past season, and a soft shade duo can take this look seamlessly into spring. Mint Violet is a complimentary combination of pastels; the mint offers cool and calm, while the violet showcases sweetness and strength. Using two opposing colours creates a statement look that your clients will love to show off.” 

Goldwell Elumen Play 
Pastel Mint 
Pastel Lavender

Safy B pastel hair

Bubble-gum beauty 
“Get playful and use the springtime trends to introduce your clients to colour.” Safy created the bubble-gum beauty look for a client who loved the idea of a vibrant colour but wasn’t 100 per cent sure. “Beginning with a gradual, soft melt on the ends of the hair is the perfect way for your client to try out that coveted colour they’ve been dreaming about. Create a beautifully bespoke colour to compliment your client’s complexion and have them running back for more!”  

Goldwell Elumen Play 

Pastel Pink 5ml 
Pastel Rose 30ml