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by | 13 Apr 2021

Ashley Streicher has built a thriving freelance career on the sunny West Coast shores of the US, with clients flocking to her for that perfectly lived-in, relaxed style. We spoke to her about her artistic aesthetic, authenticity and her exciting product collaboration with R+Co

Ashley Streicher and Sun Catcher bottle

Ashley Streicher is a busy bee – balancing red carpet work with celebs and her regular clients, while also whipping up fresh concoctions in the R+Co lab and appearing to have the time of her life all at the same time. Ashley’s feed is a mix of hair and lifestyle, all evoking the relaxed California vibes she imbues in her work. We had the pleasure of speaking to her about her vibe and development of her first ever products – and scent!

Q: If you could describe your approach to hair in three words, what would they be?

AS: Accessible, relevant and fun.

Q: Your personality positively beams out of your content! What advice do you have for other hairdressers on how to appear authentic on social media and to your clients without over-doing it or losing that element of expertise?

AS: I would say to be LESS aware of your persona and try to just focus on what you actually love. I also think that’s partly why people may think I’m aspirational; because I share not only my work, but so many other parts of my life that are so important to what I do in my work.

All images: @ashleystreicher and courtesy of R+Co

Q: How did your SUN CATCHER collaboration come about? Where did you begin?

AS: I had started working with R+Co the year before and had the opportunity to start developing a few products for them. SUNCATCHER was one I had in my arsenal of products that was a strong need for not only myself, but clients I was seeing at the salon as well as my work out on the carpet and freelance.

Q: I read that you were very involved not just the development of the formula but also in the fragrance. What was it you were trying to capture with the new Stars Align fragrance? How important is scent for you with the products you use?

AS: Yes! I was very excited when I was told my products got to come with their own signature fragrance! I know just how important fragrance is especially in hair products. Clients talk about fragrance in a product well before they mention the efficacy of it. That being said, I was very excited and also very nervous to get it right. At the end of the day, I knew I had to make the fragrance that I loved most because there would always be people that wouldn’t like it. It was important to me for the fragrance to encapsulate all of California and what it means to me. I love Palo Santo and woodsy notes but didn’t want it to be too musky, so there’s also a freshness in it that makes it uplifting and light.

Q: Which clients are the SUN CATCHER and DREAMHOUSE products perfect for? Are they for all hair types?

AS: SUNCATCHER is meant for ALL hair types. I love this as my first product because it is truly an all-purpose product. It can be used as the ultimate air-dry serum, or used as a vitamin boost in any texture, any time, wet or dry! I also love to use it as a hair softener… men love it or their beards and facial hair too. And to top it off, it works great as a blow dry serum as well.

DREAMHOUSE is perfect for anyone that wants a little more texture and natural wave. It’s a great wave enhancer, I love using this product both wet AND dry. I have a hot tip for anyone using it: I like to shake really well and spray a few sprays in my hands and squeeze into the hair, starting at ends. A little goes a long way, so start with less and you can always use more!

The final product in Ashley’s R+Co collaboration, ZIG ZAG Root Teasing + Texture Spray, is also now available to add some serious OOMPH to flat hair!

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