Ask An Expert – Ben Lifton of Content Kweens on how social media can boost retail

Do you have a pressing question, query or conundrum? Missing someone to bounce ideas around with? Enter Ask An Expert – you may have seen our sessions during SELF/STYLED Sundays, and now we’re solving individual queries too.

First up, we have a question on using social media to boost retail. Enter the Hairy Godmother himself,
Ben Lifton of Content Kweens, to answer the call… 

Hi Ben! I really want to up my retail, and know I should be using Instagram to help with sales. Would you recommend using static Stories, or should I use Reels and actually talk about the products? I find it hard sometimes talking on camera, but I believe in the products so much and am really keen to supplement my income from working behind the chair. Also, is there a certain account type I should use for this? Should I be listing myself as a business, or as a creator – would this help?Lynette Murray, Studio A114
Fabulous question my love! Products are an easy piece of content to help flesh out your profile and your bottom line.
First things first, you don’t need to feature yourself in the content if you don’t want to! You can simply take a few creative shots of the product – maybe make the most of natural light, dress the product with some flower petals, or candles, that are on brand.
Then, on whichever platform you are using to post them out (whether that is Stories/Reels/your IG grid), make sure you focus on the benefits. Customers need to know WHY they need that product. Is it going to “help maintain your bright blonde” or “help your hair stay sleek even in the highest humidity”? 
I always suggest listing three benefits, the price and then a call to action… Something like “DM to buy” or “hit the link in our profile to shop online”.
And finally, I love me a creator account on IG – mainly because I’ve found it gives you access to more commercial songs that you can use on your Reels and Stories. It’s a small difference, but sometimes a business account doesn’t let you do this and it’s crucial that you can hop on trending songs for a boosted reach. Good luck!
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