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by | 16 Aug 2021

If you’re looking to improve your techniques with all types of hair texture then you’re in luck! L’Oréal Professional Products Division has introduced a new expert-led education series that is entirely FREE!

There’s no excuse now not to cater and support every client who might ask after your services. If your textured hair education is lacking and you’re unsure where to start looking, we’ve got you covered. Hone and build confidence in your textured hair skills with the help of Total Texture, a brand new online training course.

Available on L’Oréal Access, Total Texture is a new education series from L’Oréal Professional Products Division designed to help demystify the science, identification and care of all textures in hair. It has been created in collaboration with a number of renowned hair experts, led by industry icon and owner of The Hair Lounge, Charlotte Mensah.

Celebrate the individuality of your clients, whether they’re sporting curls, coils, waves or straight locks. Total Texture kicks off with a series of knowledge-enriching theory tutorials, all available for free on L’Oréal Access with input from the talented teams at L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, Kérastase, Redken and Matrix. These 13 short videos will help you learn how to nourish and nurture hair of all textures, and explain the science behind why hair varies so greatly, and how it influences different skill-sets.

Each tutorial ends with an expert panel discussion, reinforcing the key learnings and highlighting the importance of using this knowledge in your everyday craft. Learn from experts including Nicole Iroh, Claire Martin, Dexter Dapper Johnson, Paul Dennison, Lisa Farrall and, of course, Charlotte Mensah herself.

By the end of the 45 minutes you’ll be feeling empowered and enriched with this fresh knowledge, and full of confidence to understand and assist your clients’ varying needs.

Total texture is perfect for you if you are:

Looking to understand the difference between curls, coils, waves and straight hair

Wanting to refresh your knowledge

Wanting to broaden your skills with curls and coils

There’s more to come from as well! Stay tuned to hear what the next step in Total Texture education includes. Visit to start learning today. It’s free, and open to all hairdressers — what are you waiting for?

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