Blondes, Brides and Bobs – another busy SELF/STYLED Sunday!

Talk about variety! The content of May’s SELF/STYLED Sunday covered everything from sharp, colour-focused cuts and ingenious colour techniques, through to brand-building advice and two hours of bridal bliss.

A lot had changed since the last SELF/STYLED Sunday event in March, with hair very much back on the menu and phones ringing off the hook. As things start to slow down and a normal pace of work resumes, we made sure that viewers were treated to a smorgasbord of freelance content, all designed to empower and educate, to provide that safe space to ask questions, to bounce ideas around and learn new things.

SELF/STYLED Sundays, in association with  our event partner Aston & Fincher, delivers masterclasses and business webinars designed specifically for freelance artists, and provides viewers with exclusive discounts from Aston & Fincher as an extra cherry on top of the educational cake.

Our SELF/MADE Masterclasses set the tone for the day in the morning, diving straight into the latest innovations in products alongside adaptable techniques to impress and delight your clients with. Matthew Sutcliffe, guest artist for L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, kicked off the day by showcasing two contrasting cutting techniques – one for a fresh take on a graduated bob, one showing how layers can be utilised for movement without sacrificing volume. Both were centred around the idea of creating shape to showcase colour (created using L’Oréal Professionnel Richesse and Dia Light) rather than thinking of your cut and colour as separate stages of a look.

Next up was Michael Convey for Matrix, who demonstrated how to create a prismatic blonde effect that looked like it took twice as much time as it did! We saw how quickly and easily you could use the SoColor Sync shades to play with cool and warm shades in a pinwheel shape, and got a sneak-peek at the incredible new Matrix Bleach Finder Shampoo, which had viewers adding it to their shopping baskets before the session had even finished!

After lunch the attention turned back to business, with Sharon Brigden of SLBPR taking charge of a SELF/HELP Session to discuss how freelancers can – and should – be thinking like a brand. Mixing that blend of personality and professionalism is the best way to have new referrals blowing up your phone. You can read more from Sharon about how to think like a brand here.

We shifted gears to focus firmly on all things bridal for the rest of the afternoon. Kasia Fortuna, one of the industry’s most respected bridal hair educators, demonstrated a two part bridal hair look for the final Masterclass of the day, capitalising on ponytails as a key trend for brides in 2021. Her voluminous, sexy ponytail was whipped into a more casual, adorned bun, and she imparted so many useful tips and tricks for bridal artists to seize on – Amazon should expect a surge in ‘Topsy Tail’ searches!

Keeping with the bridal theme, our Bridal Business Boost Panel Talk focused on how to build up a successful roster of contacts, best practice tips and how to avoid all manner of nightmare scenarios. Our four bridal belles – Cimone Cheveux, Elizabeth Rita, Terri Gilham and Tabitha MacCurrach-Paine – all brought their own personalities and experiences to the table for an in-depth discussion to empower fellow freelancers to seize the day and reach out. With weddings now doubling in size and an influx of delayed big days, now is the time!

A huge thank you to everyone who tuned in, we hope you found it empowering and enlightening! Ticket holders will also receive links to re-watch the three masterclasses.

Keep up-to-date with our SELF/STYLED Sunday event news here – our next event will be in July, you can sign up to be added to the waiting list now.

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