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Wella Passionista Sofia Din is still fairly new to freelance life, but already knows she’s made the right choice. It’s all about finding your people, and pushing yourself to new heights with the right support.

Sofia Din Hairdresser

“I have been in the industry for nearly 10 years now, two of which I have been self-employed,” she recalls. “I have realised that it is not all rainbows and sunshine 24/7; it’s hard work and determination.” That drive to strike out and prove yourself is certainly powerful – if not overwhelming sometimes. “If you are ambitious, like myself, you will find it hard to ‘switch off’,” she acknowledges. “With that being said, I love what I do. You know that quote ‘Find a job you love, and you’ll never work another day’? I can fully vouch for that. I have had to learn so much on self-discipline; timings, finances and work-to-personal ratio… however the freedom and flexibility are second to none.”

Her biggest learning curve was putting in place all of the systems and structures to keep her organised. After all, excellent work does not bring success on its own. “Being disorganised is the biggest no-no as a freelancer. I normally spend an hour before and after work to catch up on my mails, emails and social media platforms. It was only over the last year that I became more disciplined in this area; before I was constantly consumed by my phone and replying to messages until crazy o’clock.”

Sofia Din Hair
Sofia Din Hair

While it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with your workload sometimes, Sofia has found that building in this structured time has made a real difference. “Devising a plan, and taking one or two days out of the week to catch up, will make your life ten times easier,” she agrees.

Sofia is a proud member of the Wella Passionistas programme, which connects her with a bubbling network of creatives across the world. “The thing I love about working with Wella is the support they offer to each individual. Being part of the Passionistas programme, I am kept updated with the latest trends and techniques – not only from the brand itself, but other stylists,” Sofia explains.

The Passionistas receive invites to exclusive workshops and meetings, networking with some of Wella’s biggest artists as well as sneak-peeks at new products. “We take pride in calling ourselves ‘#wellafamily’. The grind doesn’t stop but no-one gets left behind. We are in undated with information from mentors and educators to becoming the best stylists in the trade!”

Sofia Din Hair
Sofia Din Hair
Sofia Din Hair

Sofia’s Top Tips 


“Showcase your work – I use Instagram as my portfolio. Interact with your audience, ask for their opinions, humbly accept constructive criticism and give advice… but, most importantly, be consistent with it. In order to use social media for digital marketing, you need to use it regularly and stay in your client’s newsfeed every day.”

Business networking

“Being part of the Wella Passionistas has helped greatly with my confidence and ability to reach out to connect with other influencers and content creators. Having a strong support system encourages you to push boundaries, and expand your marketing reach through social media. Word of mouth is so powerful, and having a good rapport will build a strong relationship that could take you anywhere!”

Knowing when it’s time to switch off

“Switching off isn’t an easy one – especially when technology is everywhere. Difficult as this is, it is most important for your mental and physical health. Just remember: clients will still be around, but you’re not superhuman. Just do the best you can.”

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