Catching Fire

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Self Employment, SELF/STYLED Inspo

Getting the balance right when mixing multiple shades is half the battle when colouring. This fiery auburn colour melt using Lômé Paris gets it spot on.

“Whether you prefer a more natural brown with a hint of red or more vibrant orange tones, auburn – copper’s rich, universally-flattering cousin – can instantly add depth to your look,” advises Rena Parrock, colour specialist at Salon Services.


To create this look, you will need the following:

  • Lômé Paris Permanent Hair Colour Crème, Reflex 5.4 Light Brown Copper
  • Lômé Paris Oxycream 10 Vol./ 3%
  • Lômé Paris Permanent Hair Colour Crème, Reflex 8.04 Light Blonde Natural Copper
  • Lômé Paris Permanent Hair Colour Crème, Reflex 7.44 Blonde Deep Copper
  • Lômé Paris Oxycream 5 Vol./ 1.5%
  • Lômé Paris Post colour shampoo
  • Lômé Paris Thermo spray
  • Lômé Paris Hairspray No 4 or No 5
  • Barnum Magnesium Straightener
  • Barnum Magnesium brush 43mm
  • Lômé Paris Repair Intense Serum – this is applied to wet hair



1. To begin, create a shadow root using Lômé Paris Permanent Hair Colour 5.4 and Lômé Paris 10 vol/ 3% Oxycream

Tip: Apply the root colour in a V shape at the back of the head to give an effortless and natural-looking blend. 

2. For mid lengths & ends, mix three quarters of Lômé Paris Permanent Hair Colour 8.04 with one quarter of Lômé Paris Permanent Hair Colour 7.44 and Lômé Paris 5 vol/ 1.5% Oxycream

3. Leave this to process for 40 minutes

4. Rinse thoroughly & lock in the colour using Lômé Paris Post colour shampoo, then apply a small amount of colour mask & finish with colour care conditioner

5. Apply Lômé Paris Thermo Spray to towel dried hair & blow-dry giving the hair volume. Then, create a loose wave with Barnum Magnesium Straightener and brush this out.

6. Finally, apply a light mist of your chosen Lômé Paris Hairspray dependent on the hold you require

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