Colour Clinic with Joanne O’Neill

by | 8 Jun 2021

The Colour Clinic is open! Every month a Wella Professionals colour expert examines an issue which affects the wider industry. Joanne O’Neill, owner of Joanne O’Neill Hairdressing, has allergy testing at the top of her list of priorities for returning clients.

“Allergy alert testing is an important part of your client’s colour journey. I was concerned about the effects of Covid-19 and vaccines for my colour clients upon reopening my salon after this latest lockdown, so I checked with my insurance provider about its policy on allergy testing and its advice was to follow manufacturer’s instructions. As a Wella Professionals salon, my staff and I attended an online allergy alert testing refresher course on the Wella education website which brought us all up-to-date.

“It is difficult to persuade salon clients to have an allergy alert test, so I made sure to build it into our colour consultations. It shows clients that we care for their wellbeing, that we are professionals and their trusted advisers. I use social media to share the message and ensure that clients know that all colour services cannot be carried out without an allergy test. If clients know in advance that you have a procedure, a system in place, then they are more prepared to comply with your terms.

“Train your hair and beauty teams on the importance of allergy alert testing, to be helpful and encouraging to clients; teach them to be honest and straightforward in talking about allergic reactions, and to focus on giving clients peace of mind. Your clients’ wellbeing and safety is paramount. I’m always flexible and allow clients to call at a time that is convenient to them, and we have a designated person to oversee all allergy alert testing. Finally, keep records to show that you take allergy alert testing seriously – it confirms your professionalism.”

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