Colour Clinic with Marco Dias

by | 4 May 2021

The Wella Professionals Colour Clinic is open! Every month we speak to a Wella colour expert about a key issue and how to overcome it. Marco Dias, Wella Passionista and creative director of The Studio by Marco Dias in Dublin, speaks on a lack of preparation when colouring textured hair



“A common mistake that stylists make is misjudging textured hair, thinking it will be stronger than other types of hair, then picking the wrong products to use. But before all of that, it’s the preparation. I have 4A curls myself, and I always say to my staff: “If a person with textured hair walks in the salon, listen to this client even more than usual.” They have probably used so many products, been to so many salons – they will already know which ingredients work, which don’t. Listen to the client as they have a lot to give. Then you can introduce the right colour and homecare, based on their needs.

Explain the process, test the hair to see how it reacts, and then recommend products prior to any colour. The colour journey starts long before any colour is even applied; I always recommend that my textured hair clients have the best haircare routine at home before any colour decisions. It’s so much better than going in after for damage control.

Depending on the consultation, I recommend products such as Wella Fusion treatments to ensure the condition, the proteins and the lipids are all there, and from that point we can work out where to go with colour.

I like to start with freehand techniques and lighten the hair more slowly – sometimes we even use 4% developer on it. We leave it on longer, massaging it on, especially on coiled hair. It’s absolutely necessary that every colour client leaves the salon with homecare, it’s the only assurance we have that when they return to the salon the integrity of the hair will still be there and we can continue the journey.”


The Wella Studios in London and Manchester are open for business once again, and there is a packed line-up of face-to-face education planned for the summer, all socially distanced and perfectly safe. The feedback on the courses at the Wella Studios is always incredible, and while we have all embraced online learning in the past year, there’s nothing quite like human interaction to feel energised and uplifted.

With a huge backlog of colour clients to get through, why not try the Colour Craft Correction course, taking place in London on 12 and 13 July, and Manchester on 26 and 27 July. Other favourites include Ultimate Balayage (7 July, London; 20 July, Manchester), Bridal Hair (5 July, Manchester) and Colour Masterclass (5 July, London; 19 July, Manchester).

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