Colour Clinic with Suzanne Alphonse

by | 5 Nov 2020

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The Colour Clinic is open! Every month a Wella Professionals colour expert examines an issue which affects the wider industry. Suzanne Alphonse speaks out about how you can prove to your clients that your expertise is worth their time in your chair, with the help of Wella Color Fresh Masks…

Image of Suzanne AlphonseHair colour by Suzanne Alphonse using Wella Colour Fresh Masks
“A big challenge I have as a colourist is getting the artistry of what I do across to the client – I’m really up against home hair colour, there’s great technology now and it’s so convenient. Offering something simple like an all-over regrowth colour really puts us in a tricky position. Does the client value that service enough to take hours out of their day and spend £100? A service like Luxelights is perfect. It can offer that coverage of greys or blending, depending on their needs, to create that youthful element to their colour.

“Before, clients liked to see lots of highs and lows, lots of contrast, but that really youthful look comes from seamless, professional blends. The new Koleston Perfect ME+ Pure Naturals shades give such a fantastic, natural colour result – enough for people to notice that someone looks great, that something’s changed, rather than ‘wow, you’ve had your hair coloured’. My clientele has had a massive shift towards natural-looking colour – I think everyone’s a little afraid of repeating lockdowns, what that grow out will look like.

“With Luxelights I can manage that regrowth and, with an extra 10 minutes, I can place some foils to develop seamlessly, gloss at the end, and give clients something different that they just can’t get from a box colour. The colour is personalised, so it’s also harder for them to go to another salon or colourist and helps to cement their relationship with me. I can offer them something different every time they come in without them having to spend that extra time, but they still see the artistry of what I’m doing.”


Wella Color Fresh Masks – Caramel Glaze
Red hair treated with Wella Color Fresh Masks
Wella Color Fresh Masks – Lilac Frost

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